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BurButler system

Fully autoclavable and designed to grip all shank sizes, including CA, FG and short shanks, Shofu Dental Corp.’s BurButler is an innovative bur storage system designed to bring time- and cost-savings to a dental practice.

This universal bur block is made of resilient, medical-grade silicone, and it comes in five colors — amber orange, amethyst purple, diamond white, ruby pink and sapphire blue — for easy coding and identification. The BurButler does not require plugs or extra parts to securely hold instruments.

This unique silicone block features a patented starburst design with reverse fluting that grips all burs in place, eliminating the risk of spilled or misplaced burs, the company asserts. The holes offer drainage for proper cleaning and hold items tightly but flexibly, so no burs will ever be lost.

Intended for customized mixing and matching of burs, the 10-hole block is designed to have an ideal spacing between the holes. This facilitates easy insertion and removal of burs, and it is safe for fingers petite or large.

Each bur block is complemented by a protective lid made of clear plastic. Both the lid and base can be autoclaved together. Equipped with skirted grooves, the lid grips the base easily, and it can be removed with one hand. The clear lid makes it possible to see the content of each bur block, allowing dental staff to organize their stations by personnel, procedure or operatory. The block can also be used as a sterilizable storage box for a variety of other components, including implant abutments, perio irrigation tips and other small items.

Whether used for bur storage, sterilization or organization, Shofu believes its BurButler will help bring time and cost savings to every dental practice.


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