Women in Dental Technology host fifth annual breakfast in Chicago

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Women in Dental Technology host fifth annual breakfast in Chicago

Glidewell Dental’s Stephenie Goddard (in white jacket) delivered the keynote address at the annual breakfast. (Photo: Glidewell Dental)

Tue. 6 March 2018


CHICAGO, Ill., USA: The annual Women in Dental Technology (WIDT) Breakfast has become a staple event for female dental industry leaders attending the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting. The breakfast held Feb. 22 during the 2018 Chicago meeting was another tremendous success, as women from across the country gathered to network, learn and draw inspiration from each other.

Established by Pam Johnson, founding editor of Inside Dental Technology (IDT), part of the AEGIS Dental Network, and by Valerie Berger, who cofounded IDT and serves as vice president of AEGIS Communications, laboratory division, the WIDT organization and breakfast represent a growing effort to unite and recognize women who are making a significant impact in the field of dental technology.

“It’s a great way to kick off the Midwinter conference and reconnect with industry friends and leaders,” Berger said. “Women empower women, and I feel honored to be amongst such an outstanding group of female leaders.”

Notable speakers at this year’s WITC Breakfast included Ellen Rogin, a New York Times bestselling author; Tawana Lee-Ware, president of the American Association for Women Dentists; and Gale Gand, winner of the James Beard Foundation’s award for Outstanding Pastry Chef.

The breakfast was sponsored by Glidewell Dental, whose executive vice president of business operations, Stephenie Goddard, delivered the keynote address, “Mindfulness: The Practice of Fully Being Present.” Goddard’s informative learning session explored techniques on staying mentally engaged in a world full of distractions.

After kicking off the inaugural breakfast in 2013 with 25 attendees, the 2018 event saw nearly 100 participants — an encouraging indicator of the industry’s continued shift toward advancing the careers of women within the dental technology community.

(Source: Glidewell Dental)

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