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‘W&H has been the tool that I can always count on’

Dr. Vishtasb ‘Vishy’ Broumand, Desert Ridge Oral Surgery in Scottsdale, Ariz. (Photo: Provided by W&H)
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Dental Tribune USA

Thu. 15 September 2022


Chuck Harper, director of sales & marketing, oral surgery and implant surgery, for W&H, recently sat down with Dr. “Vishy” Broumand of Desert Ridge Oral Surgery to speak about the surgical procedures he performs in his Scottsdale, Ariz., practice; the tools he feels help him to succeed; and the zygomatic and pterygoid cases he’s been treating and teaching at the Desert Ridge Oral Surgery Institute, which can be found at

Thank you for giving us this time, Dr. Broumand.

You’re welcome, and thank you for sharing information about the patients we treat.

You’ve been trained by some recognizable names in oral surgery, including Dr. Robert Marx, correct?

Yes, I completed my oral surgery residency at the University of Miami under Dr. Bob Marx, and after, I continued my training with a fellowship focused on head and neck tumor and reconstructive surgery.  I’ve now dedicated my practice to tackling the more difficult cases that many clinicians aren’t interested in treating.

At Desert Ridge Oral Surgery, you treat many patients with almost no maxilla. How or why do you get referred so many patients in this situation?

Many of these patients have simply outlived their initial all-on-four treatments. For most of these patients, the all-on-four was a great surgical and restorative procedure that lasted 15 to 20 years. Now, because of many different factors — including the patient’s home care — the prosthesis and implants had to be removed, the peri-implantitis treated, and often the result is the patient has lost almost all of the maxillary bone.

In order to help these patients, I now perform both zygomatic and pterygoid implant procedures using specific tools, including W&H’s new handpiece and a specially designed retractor.

Have you always used W&H motors and handpieces?

Yes, I’ve used W&H and other brands throughout my career … and W&H has been the tool that I can always count on. In fact, this year we had to replace two motors that I’ve been using to treat patients for almost 20 years. These were basic systems, but they just kept working — they were so reliable. Nearly every other tool or device in my surgical practice has been replaced two or three times, but the W&H motors and handpieces have kept running.

But I know you’ve had handpieces serviced during that time.

Sure, all handpieces have moving parts inside, and all handpieces will require maintenance occasionally. I appreciate how W&H handles repairs and how quickly our equipment returns back to the practice. 

I recently welcomed an associate into the practice, and we had four older handpieces that went in for service at the same time. Once the handpieces were received, W&H sent us an email with a quotation itemizing everything that needed to be done. After my team approved the work, everything was in route back to us within a day. It’s impressive to get our repaired equipment back from W&H so quickly, and it allows our practice to keep running smoothly.

You also use the 1:2 surgical handpieces from W&H, correct?

Yes, I’ve had the longer nose S-12 handpiece for years. I use it to section teeth, and it runs like a champ — on the same motor that I use to place implants.  I’m looking forward to using the new S-16 handpiece on patients this year. I’ve heard great things about this new handpiece from other surgeons that use it exclusively for thirds.

It just makes sense to have only one system in each operatory that can handle all of the surgical procedures. We appreciate the reliable, quality equipment in addition to the variety of handpieces W&H offers.

What does the future hold for you?

Well, Dr. Kirchhofer will be growing his practice and providing great care to the patients he is treating.  I will continue to treat patients but will also be teaching. A lot of patients are referred who need extensive work, including zygomatic and pterygoid implant surgeries, plus the immediate dentures, and some of these patients don’t have the ability to pay $30,000 to $50,000 for the procedure.

So, I will continue to invite clinicians to learn through Total Dental Implant Solutions while giving these patients an amazing result without charging them for the care we deliver during the course.

Together, oral surgeons and the restorative team can deliver so much for the patients. It is emotional for patients to begin surgery with no teeth and then wake up from sedation with a fixed, 3-D printed prosthesis in their mouth. The patient responses are dramatic, particularly for those patients who have been told by multiple dentists that their only option is a 4 to 6 mm thick removable denture. Now, by using zygomatic and pterygoid implants, along with our all-digital workflow, we can provide same-day functional and natural looking teeth for all patients.

It isn’t easy, but it is one of the most rewarding things I’m blessed to be able to do.

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For more information about Dr. Vishtasb ‘Vishy’ Broumand’s Total Dental Implant Solutions, head to or call (480) 284-8087

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