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Unlocking the future of dentistry: Waterlase's transformative power for general practitioners

The new Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition, available at booth No. 4068 at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. (Photo: Provided by BIOLASE)
Dr. Brad Labrecque

Dr. Brad Labrecque

Thu. 22 February 2024


In the ever-evolving landscape of dentistry, staying ahead requires embracing innovative technologies that enhance patient care and elevate practice efficiency. Waterlase, the industry leading all-tissue laser with its cutting-edge YSGG wavelength, offers numerous clinical, practice and patient benefits for general practitioners.

Clinical excellence

Waterlase ensures predictable, precise and minimally invasive soft-tissue procedures. For general practitioners, this translates to refined control during incisions, excisions, tissue control from crown scanning and biopsies. Waterlase's ability to create bloodless surgical sites and minimize collateral damage enables practitioners to achieve superior results in procedures like frenectomies, gingivectomies and soft tissue crown lengthening.

In restorative dentistry, the YSGG laser allows for efficient cavity preparation, enameloplasty and caries removal, enhancing precision while minimizing discomfort for patients. The unique YSGG wavelength is particularly adept at addressing hard and soft tissues simultaneously, making it an invaluable tool for pulpal health and restoration longevity.

Practice advancements: efficiency redefined

The integration of Waterlase into a general dentistry practice unleashes a wave of operational benefits. The laser's versatility streamlines workflows by reducing the need for multiple instruments and medicaments, leading to shorter chair times and increased patient turnover. The YSGG laser is equally effective in periodontal procedures, where it simplifies tasks such as sulcular debridement, gingival troughing and osseous crown lengthening, and even ceramic restoration removal.

In endodontics, Waterlase becomes a game-changer, ensuring efficient root canal preparation down to the apical third and predictable debridement with minimally invasive access. Its precision and ability to disinfect the root canal system significantly contribute to successful endodontic outcomes.

Patient-centric care: esthetic and comfort revolution

Patients experience a paradigm shift in dental care when treated with Waterlase. The YSGG laser's gentle touch minimizes discomfort, reduces bleeding and accelerates healing times. This not only leads to a more pleasant experience but also positions the practice as patient-focused and technologically advanced.

In periodontal treatments, patients benefit from the minimally invasive nature of Waterlase procedures, experiencing less postoperative pain, swelling and a faster recovery, all with equivalent clinical results.

Elevating your practice to new heights

Waterlase integration enables general practitioners to redefine their standard of care. Whether transforming soft tissue management, enhancing restorative procedures, or optimizing patient comfort, Waterlase emerges as a catalyst for a new age of progressive and patient-centric dentistry.

Visit booth No. 4608 at the Chicago Midwinter to experience a demo of the new Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition firsthand and revolutionize your practice today. You can also visit for more details.

Editorial note:

To learn more about the new Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition and experience a demo, visit the BIOLASE booth, No. 4608, during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

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