ULTRATOOTH: One visit, one hour, new tooth

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ULTRATOOTH: One visit, one hour, new tooth

This patient returned for a crown replacement, and a photo was taken at the impression taking time, seven years post-implant placement. (Photo: Biodent)

Wed. 24 January 2018


Would you be surprised if you could be offering your patients a single-tooth replacement option in full function at the time of their very first visit to your office? Yes, we mean in a brief one-hour visit, your patient will leave your dental office with a fully integrated tooth that they can use right away. How is this possible you may ask?

In 1994, the first and only FDA-cleared device for immediate loading was approved after three years of clinical submissions. To date, 27 years of clinical and scientific data has been collected on this patented revolutionary device we now call ULTRATOOTH.

This technology fundamentally changes the lack of development of screw implants since the first Branemark implant. The reason this device can be fully loaded at the time of placement is because of the apical design of the implant, referred to as the “Eiffel Tower” design. The four pods of the ULTRATOOTH expand and lock into the surrounding bone, achieving mechanical integration at that point.

Contrary to a standard screw implant, the ULTRATOOTH contacts the bone immediately upon placement, rather than waiting the usual four to six months for the bone to reach the implant itself.

The ULTRATOOTH implant. (Photo: Biodent)

Because of the capability of immediate load and restoration, ULTRATOOTH preserves the original emergence profile of the tooth, which is crucial in the esthetic zone. Because of the Eiffel Tower design, the coronal bone loss typically seen in screw or cylindrical type implants does not occur. This is because the stress on the ULTRATOOTH is distributed apically rather than in the crestal region. This will result in being able to maintain the original emergence profile over time.

When histological studies were performed by the University of Indiana, another significant benefit that dentists also came to see with their own patients emerged from using the ULTRATOOTH over a standard screw. Studies showed that bone density and quality surrounding the ULTRATOOTH and adjacent teeth improved because of the compaction that occurs during expansion of the implant. This result was coined the “Oscillating Effect.”

Additionally, the surface area of an ULTRATOOTH is 30 percent more than a standard equal size screw implant because of the integration of the internal sides of its pods. This makes a 10-mm ULTRATOOTH equal to a 13-mm screw implant as far as surface area.

While the list of benefits of using an ULTRATOOTH over a standard screw are numerous, think about what this can do for your general practice. For every extraction done, an ULTRATOOTH could be used that day, saving the patient time and expense on future bone and soft-tissue grafting. A $200 extraction done commonly could potentially become a $3,000 to $5,000 procedure, resulting in tremendous financial growth for your practice.

(Source: Biodent)

7 thoughts on “ULTRATOOTH: One visit, one hour, new tooth

  1. Deryn Johnson says:

    I have gotten just about all of my teeth extracted am left with 4 would like to get all replaced was wondering what my cost would be.

  2. Kimberly Tibbs says:

    i have already had extraction and bone grafting 2 years ago but didn’t go back for implant. Will ultratooth be an option? how much and do you have financing?

  3. Joseph Velazquez says:

    What is the price for 1 ultra tooth implant?

  4. John Delay says:

    Does bone regrow in the expanded base of the ultratooth? If so how long does it take?

  5. Mrs. Carolyn Seymore says:

    I have a broken tooth under my front gum, and its been horrible for me cause it now has loosen up. I deal with the public everyday and I try not to open my mouth, plus I have been to the dentist, but! Don’t trust them cause they want to use up my dental insurance and never do the work, I want done, they even pulled 6 of my back teeth. I even went to a man who made teeth in his garage, the teeth snap in with denture cream, but! Those broke, I have 9 teeth on the bottom of my mouth, and 4 teeth missing front the top of my mouth, cause every dentist doing everything to my mouth except getting this crack tooth under my gum out my mouth.
    Please! Help me.
    Mrs. Carolyn Seymore

  6. Keisha jones says:

    I have almost total bone loss. My teeth are loose I need immediate ASSISTANCE in getting married next year and it’s draining my confidence how can I get help. For my health I don’t wanna die cause of this causing different things that could happen

  7. Keisha jones says:

    I have total almost bone loss. My teeth are loose I need immediate ASSISTANCE in getting married next year and it’s draining my confidence how can I get help.

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