Three providers, three destinations

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Three providers, three destinations

Dental software solutions built for providers are the key to success, according to DentalMonitoring. (Photo: DentalMonitoring)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Wed. 30 March 2022


Three providers. Three paths. Three different destinations each is searching for. Ten years ago, an orthodontist looking to expand their patient base, a DSO exec looking to streamline and quantify their clinical data, and a provider looking at retirement would have to ask three very different questions.

The questions: How do I reach more patients without compromising the quality of my care? How do I manage a group of doctors with unique needs under a single workflow? What does the last leg of my career look like? These are three different questions that now have the same answer: Dental software solutions built for providers.

To expand without spreading thin is to reconsider what it means to grow. Instead of more overhead, more employee hours and more locations to accommodate a growing patient base, smarter AI-powered remote monitoring solutions are capable of streamlining disparate clinical cases into one seamless workflow.

To simplify is to make time. By making time, a growing practice can handle the increase in patients and nonclinical tasks by allowing technology to automate the routine tasks associated with running a practice, letting the provider focus on the patients that need their attention the most.

For dental support organizations looking to normalize, quantify and optimize how their partners operate, having a single workflow applicable to all practices and patients — be they rural providers focusing on aligners or metropolitan orthodontists with a majority of braces cases — is invaluable. Hunches may be correct every so often, but with a streamlined flow of data, the next way to profitability can be assessed, not guessed.

For an orthodontist looking to step back from daily workload, one that may have been kept up for decades: how do they begin offloading daily commitments without sacrificing the quality of care to the patients still on the books?

By leveraging emerging technologies that can keep patients engaged, maintain greater points of contact with their treatment and assure them that their trusted provider is with them at every step of the way.

Remote monitoring solutions do not replace the orthodontist — they empower them to greater heights, bringing their goals within reach. And only the most trusted AI-powered remote monitoring solutions can be trusted to keep patients engaged, practices thriving and reputation in esteem.

Three paths, three destinations — only one DentalMonitoring.

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