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There is a better way (and LVI can show you how to get there)

Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies offers courses for doctors and their teams. (Photo: Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies)
Mark Duncan, DDS, LVIF, FAGD, FICCMO, Clinical Director, LVI

Mark Duncan, DDS, LVIF, FAGD, FICCMO, Clinical Director, LVI

Tue. 27 January 2015


You know how those days go — all morning long, it felt like you were struggling to keep on track with the schedule. Your team is frustrated because they haven’t had their full hour lunch more than one day a week in as long as they can remember. You walked by the sterilization room 15 minutes ago, and it sure sounded like they were complaining to each other because you said to work in that emergency, and they were struggling to figure out how to get to their kid at daycare on time. Again.

You want them to enjoy working here, but you have to be able to pay the bills. And your best assistant asked you again if she can have that raise you have been promising her. Don’t they understand?

Today will be another day of three chairs and patient after patient asking you questions about treatment, all eager to get started with getting their mouth fixed, but yet you still won’t see any of them show up on the schedule. They said they wanted to do the work, but for some reason, they never seem to come back and do it.

They say insurance doesn’t cover it, or they ask for a pre-determination. Too bad they don’t know the pre-determination doesn’t mean much.

Today, you have 27 patients on your schedule and will work your butt off and still not have a chance to pee. It looks like you should be able to be done by 5, but today will finish worse than yesterday.

It feels like half of your patients are crankier than you are, and your team isn’t really talking to you today, and you know when you get home, all you will want to do is go to sleep and wake up on Saturday — except it’s still Tuesday!

It doesn’t make sense — you have taken C.E. courses every time they come to town. The new insurance plan was supposed to make things easier. You bought a bunch of new equipment to save money on taxes — of course now you have to pay for it every month — but why does it seem like the harder you work, the further behind you get? There has to be a simple reason.

Well, it turns out there actually is — and it’s something that you learned when you were about 5! Do unto others. More specifically, build systems in your office so that you can treat your patients the way you would want to be treated — comprehensively and with exceptional information to make good decisions — and produce a consistent experience time after time.

While doing that, add exceptional care — esthetic adhesive excellence like you see in the journals. But how? Well, the answer happens to be the foundation that LVI was built upon — building the excellence in a patient-centered practice. And the programs at LVI have been teaching clinical excellence and communication and business systems for almost 20 years to help doctors do a better job of not only seeing the patient but, more importantly, connecting with them. Two decades of not only communication but comprehensive diagnosis and clinical excellence. As a result, the doctors at LVI have a statistically higher professional satisfaction and income.

Isn’t it time you go find out what they are doing differently? Yes. Yes it is — and congratulations on the journey you are about to start.


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