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Temple University School of Dentistry celebrates 150th anniversary

Founded in 1863, the Kornberg School of Dentistry was among the first schools with strict graduation requirements. (DTI/Photo Temple University School of Dentistry)

Thu. 27 June 2013


PHILADELPHIA, Pa., USA: Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry, the second oldest dental school in continuous operation in the U.S., celebrated 150 years of dental history with a gala event this spring at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. Alumni from across the globe watched as Kornberg School Dean Amid I. Ismail opened a time capsule that was closed by Dean Gerald Timmons 50 years ago.

“Both our nation and the field of dentistry have seen remarkable advances in the past 150 years,” Ismail said. “When our school first opened in 1863, Abraham Lincoln was president, and dental anesthesia was non-existent. Today, Barack Obama is commander-in-chief, and innovations in dentistry — many made right here at Temple — have made it so patients can undergo necessary procedures virtually pain-free.”

The dental school provided a free full-service dental clinic as an added element of the celebration, which was held in April.

(Source: Temple University)

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