Sunstar Americas gets out in front of its products

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Sunstar Americas gets out in front of its products

From left, Dr. Fay Goldstep, Dr. David Hoexter and Dr. George Freedman are able to momentarily turn away from the city views behind them while attending the Sunstar open house held during the Greater New York Dental Meeting in the 230 FIFTH Penthouse Lounge. (Photo: Robert Selleck, DTA)
Robert Selleck, DTA

Robert Selleck, DTA

Wed. 3 December 2014


NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: Curious about what Sunstar Americas is up to in the dental sector, a number of thought leaders in dentistry — including dentists, media representatives and association leaders — attended the company’s open-house reception in Manhattan Sunday evening during the Greater New York Dental Meeting.

Aaron Pfarrer, Sunstar senior director of professional relations, said the gathering was put together, in part, to celebrate the recent introduction of two Sunstar products, which effectively represent the wide range of products in the Sunstar portfolio of brands.

The two products are:

  • The Butler Prophyciency Disposable Prophy Angles, which have polishing and cleaning agents incorporated into the angle’s cup, so there is no need for separate prophy paste.
  • The Guidor easy-graft CLASSIC, alloplastic bone-grafting system, which the company describes as being the first moldable, alloplastic bone-graft substitute with in-situ hardening. In addition to being far easier to use than many other options, the material is highly porous and osteoconductive, according to the company.

There were no formal announcements, presentations or even marketing collateral on the products at the event. Instead the evening was conceived as more of an opportunity to meet with thought leaders, to enjoy some amazing views and visit with one another. If interested, it was easy to find somebody from Sunstar to get a better idea of who the folks are behind the already well-known brands of GUM, Butler and Guidor. It was also easy to enjoy the views, with the near floor-to-ceiling glass walls and the Empire State Building prominently commanding center attention.

Pfarrer said, “Sunstar is always striving to offer innovative, novel and highly-differentiated products that fulfill an unmet need in the market. And Sunstar has a long history in oral healthcare backed by a compelling business philosophy.”

Pfarrer also explained the Sunstar name itself refers to twice-a-day oral health philosophy, in the morning with the sunrise and in the evening when the stars appear. The company was founded in Japan in 1932 and developed toothpaste in tube containers in 1946, back when pretty much the only options available at the time were powders.

That concept of looking a bit beyond what everybody else is doing remains a guiding philosophy for Sunstar today.


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