STELLAR materials at the forefront of implant surgery with a Taubicolored Elixirs twist

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STELLAR materials at the forefront of implant surgery with a Taubicolored Elixirs twist


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Photo: Provided by TAUB Products
Dental Tribune USA

By Dental Tribune USA

Wed. 21 September 2022


All-on-X immediate and delayed load full arch guided surgeries have become the pinnacle procedure in implant full mouth smile reconstruction. Full arch guided surgeries offer a patient with an otherwise non-existent smile the ability to have a confidence-inspiring smile with excellent occlusion and alignment.

A guided surgery is not inexpensive to the patient. It has a price tag where the patient will expect the very best components and materials are used, for the very best results. If the patient comes back because of PMMA denture fractures at the cylinder interface, in the middle of the healing phase, not only is the patient upset but the labor and time to fix the issue and reseat the healing denture will seriously affect the overall profit, patient confidence, doctor confidence in material resin choice and predictable outcomes of the procedure.

STELLAR DC Acrylic is a revolutionary, dual cure PMMA pick-up and conversion resin with amazing cure speed and unsurpassed durability, according to TAUB Products, the company behind the resin. It can speed up the pick-up and conversion time by 30-plus minutes.

STELLAR offers “rock hard” durability and won’t fracture throughout the healing phase, when used as directed, according to the company.

STELLAR DC Acrylic resin is great for picking up immediate load dentures, overdenture attachments, hard relines, creating implant verification jigs and more. It can be tack cured in eight to ten seconds, fully light cured in 20 seconds and will cure on its own in two minutes. It provides the fastest production time of any acrylic, has no noticeable shrinkage, has no polymerization heat during cure and no tension after cure, the company asserts.

If you’re looking for a longer self-set version, the STELLAR Attachment resin is specially formulated for picking up “locator” overdenture attachments. Utilizing very similar technology to STELLAR DC Acrylic, the STELLAR Attachment offers a four-plus minute self set time. This gives ample working time to position and pick-up multiple overdenture attachments at once.

The latest addition to the STELLAR family, STELLAR Glaze LC Liquid, is a light cure PMMA clear glaze for sealing and creating a luster on acrylic and composite prosthesis and resin teeth. Using blue wavelength LED at 470 nm, full curing takes place in 30 seconds.

It is specially formulated to chemically cure without a bonding agent to 3-D printed and milled try-ins, immediate load full arch temps and long-term full arch temps. Applying STELLAR Glaze LC Liquid after pick-up and conversion for all chairside conversion arches allows the material to flow into and seal any microgaps.

STELLAR Glaze seals porous PMMA and other resins and increases long-term integrity and durability of the prosthesis. STELLAR GLAZE LC Liquid works over STELLAR DC Acrylic and other pickup resins and is the recommended glaze for Larry’s Magical Denture Elixirs.

“With over 7,000 successful surgical cases year to date, the STELLAR family of PMMA Acrylics are a game changer for pick-up and conversions of immediate load temporary restorations and locator overdenture attachments,” said Jordan Taub, vice president at TAUB Products. “Using our chemistry and technology, the CDT, Super GP and Periodontist now have an ultra-durable, fast-setting, no heat, no noticeable shrinkage acrylic that dramatically reduces production times.”

For doctors and labs that are 3-D printing dentures in house, Larry’s Magical Denture Elixirs, or L.M.D. Elixirs for short, provide fast Taubicolored gingival stains that give an excellent match to current denture base shades, according to the company.

The elixirs can be used for try-ins, immediate load PMMA temp dentures and more. Two to three coats on the gingival surface of the arch will turn a monolithic milled or printed A0, A1, A2 or B1 arch into light pink, light reddish pink, original pink or dark/meharry. With just 20 seconds air dry per coat, Larry’s Magical Denture Elixirs can save you money and an average of one hour per arch in processing time over gingival shade composites, the company asserts.

TAUB is known for an implant restorative system consisting of three products that solve many issues when placing cement and screw retained implant restorations: GoCHx Gel Syringeable Chlorhexidine, Liquid Magic Resin Barrier abutment access plug and ZERO-G Bio-Implant Cement.

Come visit TAUB at booth No. 307. You can check out a demonstration, grab literature and place your orders.

TAUB is also looking to build its lecture-based clinicians. If you feel any of these products have value in your dental education programs, call TAUB at (800) 828-2634, or email Jordan Taub at



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