‘Selfie Studio’ generates big smiles at AO meeting

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‘Selfie Studio’ generates big smiles at AO meeting

It was ‘Lights. Camera. Action.’ as attendees participated in the ‘selfie studio’ at the AO annual meeting in San Diego. Check out the results of their efforts on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Instagram. (Photo: Academy of Osseointegration)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Sun. 21 February 2016


SAN DIEGO, Calif., USA: More than 100 attendees were all smiles as they took selfies using the #AOSanDiego backdrop during the Welcome Reception of the Academy of Osseointegration’s 31st Annual Meeting. Many used complimentary AO selfie sticks to snap their pictures and then shared them on various social media platforms.

The groups varied from single selfies to large groups. Three clinicians (pictured above), all friends studying in Los Angeles, shared their enthusiasm for connecting with colleagues.

“I want to share with my friends that we were at the AO meeting in San Diego because it’s a very good meeting, and I want to them to feel jealous!” joked Dr. Daniel Ramos-Padilla from Spain.

“I’ve taken a lot of pictures at the meeting to post on social media. This is a big memory for me and is such a treasure … the pictures are helping me to remember the experience,” said Dr. Nozomu Fukui from Japan.

“This is my first international meeting where I presented an E-Poster, and I am a new member of AO. I took a selfie with my friends to remember this experience and so my other friends can know about it,” said Dr. Mostafa Alwakeel from Egypt.

Be sure to share your photos on social media using #AOSanDiego to let others know that you’re connecting at AO’s 2016 Annual Meeting. The Selfie Studio will be open during regular Exhibit Hall hours.

Be sure to following AO on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter: @AcademyOsseo Facebook: AcademyOsseo – Capture the fun and learning … and then share it with your friends, colleagues and patients!

(Academy of Osseointegration)


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