Open letter from AO to this year’s new dental graduates

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Open letter from AO to this year’s new dental graduates

Congratulations, new dental graduates! (Photo:
Academy of Osseointegration 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Academy of Osseointegration 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Tue. 30 June 2015


Dear Grad, Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishment! We have learned a lot over the years as individual practitioners, professors and a collective board, and now we offer some important tips to you as you go out into the dental world. Our top 10 tips for new dental graduates:

1. Learning never stops. Always stay a student. Find a mentor, or mentors, you can turn to when you need advice. Read at least a few peer-reviewed journals to keep on top of current thinking.
2. Dentistry humbles even the best. Be critical of your work and learn from your mistakes so you can do it better next time. Likewise, you should celebrate your successes along the way.
3. Be part of a team you trust. Foster mutually beneficial relationships with your colleagues — both general dentists and specialists — and communicate constantly with them in order to provide optimal patient care.
4. Make treatment decisions based on WIDOM. WIDOM is an acronym for “Would I Do It On Me?” If you are thoughtful in your approach, follow clinical guidelines and treat people fairly, your rewards in dentistry will be plentiful.
5. Remember all the “always” rules. Always “measure twice and cut once.” Always listen before you speak. Always photograph your work. Always audit your clinical results.
6. Fiscal responsibility lays a great foundation for success. Seek advice from a financial expert for the purpose of loan repayment and future planning. Be smart and practical with investments if you’re starting your own practice.
7. Excellence is a process, not an event. Continually challenge yourself to do your best. Define your five-year goals and renew them every four to five years.
8. Know your limitations. Be forthright about your level of experience and refer out that which you don’t feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know.
9. Being involved in your profession is the best continuing education you will ever have. Be active in the associations you join and attend meetings when you can. Use them to network and learn how others handle the same issues you face.
10. Remember, you are in control of your own career. When you graduate, your faculty is not looking over your shoulder. There are no check-off lists to complete. You are now in control and it’s up to you to make what you will of your opportunity.

We hope our experience serves you well as you embark on this next phase of your career.


Academy of Osseointegration (AO)
2015-2016 Board of Directors


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