NTI-Tss Plus and NTI OmniSplint now available from Glidewell

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NTI-Tss Plus and NTI OmniSplint now available from Glidewell


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Dr. James Boyd. NTI-tss Plus and NTI OmniSplint are now available from Glidewell. (Photo: Glidewell)

Tue. 1 June 2021


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., USA: Glidewell has always focused on providing dental clinicians with superior solutions for patient care. Now, the largest dental lab in the country can also supply dentists with two devices proven effective at relieving their patients’ tension headaches and migraines: the NTI-tss Plus and the NTI OmniSplint, according to the company.

By adding this new clinical opportunity to its family of preventive care products, Glidewell has made it easier than ever for dental clinicians to help the 30 million people in the U.S. who suffer from migraines. Cleared by the FDA for the prevention of migraine and tension-type headaches, the NTI-tss Plus and the NTI OmniSplint have been shown to reduce clenching forces by approximately 70 percent, according to the company. In one study, 82 percent of migraine sufferers experienced a 77 percent reduction in migraine events when using the NTI-tss Plus.

The NTI-tss Plus has been prescribed by thousands of dentists for over 20 years and is a trusted name in the industry. The device covers the anterior teeth and can be prescribed for either the upper or lower arch. Its patented design keeps the posterior teeth and canines out of occlusion, which reduces clenching intensity and protects dentition. Glidewell is offering the NTI-tss Plus for an affordable $129.

The new NTI OmniSplint similarly minimizes clenching and bruxing intensity but does so through a full-arch design. By covering both arches, the NTI OmniSplint provides patients with a comfortable solution for their migraines or tension headaches while eliminating all concerns clinicians may have of aspiration, supereruption of the posterior teeth, or long-term use. The OmniSplint can be prescribed from Glidewell for $140, and both the NTI-tss Plus and the OmniSplint are covered by a six-month warranty.

NTI devices are especially valuable for patients who are pregnant or nursing, or those with medical complications who cannot accept pharmacological migraine treatments. Patient diagnosis and acceptance starts with a simple survey for those who experience possible symptoms of tension headaches, migraines, TMD, tooth wear from clenching, or muscle pain associated with parafunction.

“Prescribing an NTI device for your patient is more than just offering a trusted solution to their problems — it’s about securing a patient for life,” said Dr. James Boyd, creator of the NTI-tss Plus and the NTI OmniSplint. “When you relieve someone of their chronic migraine pain, you dramatically transform their life for the better, and that's something every dentist should want to be a part of.”

More information about the NTI-tss Plus and the NTI OmniSplint is available at glidewell.com or by calling (866) 335-0744.

NTI-tss Plus is a registered trademark of Boyd Research. NTI OmniSplint is a registered trademark of James Boyd.

(Source: Newswire.com)

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