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New materials: ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes’

Immediate postoperative view. (Photo: Dr. Howard Glazer)

Thu. 24 October 2013


In a Dental Tribune Study Club session sponsored by Shofu Dental Corp. at the American Dental Association Annual Session in New Orleans, Ron Kaminer, DDS, will share his experiences with the use of adhesive materials and flowable composites in minimally invasive dentistry. Kaminer answered questions posed by Dental Tribune to reveal a few details about what attendees can expect from the session.

Your session is titled “Prep It and Fill It: Minimally Invasive Options for Restorative Dentistry.” Can you provide brief overviews of what you will cover?
Like our medical colleagues’ work, dentistry is heading in a minimally invasive direction. As dentists, we must be ready to adapt and investigate different preparation types as well as new materials that lend themselves to this trend. During this session we will cover some advances in tooth preparation for operative dentistry, simplifying posterior contacts and using some new adhesive materials and flowable composites to achieve outstanding esthetic results.

Who should attend this session?
This program is ideal for general dentists and assistants.

If there are just one or two core concepts you’d like attendees of your session to leave with, what are those?
There are many new materials today that make routine dentistry easier and more predictable. Shofu’s BEAUTIFIL Flow PLUS is one of those materials. It is super esthetic, wears extremely well, and, because of its chemistry, it is bioactive. Clinically, if we adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations, we can achieve lifelike esthetics and sensitivity-free restorations time and time again.

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Your session is sponsored by Shofu. How did you end up associated with the company, and what attracted you to its products and services?
As an opinion leader and consultant in the dental profession, my responsibility includes seeking out companies with outstanding, easy-to-use products and fostering long-term relationships with such companies. Shofu’s products are scientifically based, well thought out and stand the test of time. There is not much more a key opinion leader could ask for when working with a company.

What is it that has made you such a big fan of BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus specifically?
BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is strong (highly filled) but very esthetic. Sometimes it does not even require polishing, as I will show in the presentation. It comes in two viscosities: zero flow, which flows a little, and low flow. So there is something for everyone. If you place it in a preparation, it self-levels and does not run everywhere. And, finally, because of the proprietary GIOMER chemistry, it is bioactive, so it is ideal to use on a high-caries patient.

Any final thoughts?
Anyone can achieve outstanding results just by changing a few products he or she is currently using. Remember: If nothing changes, nothing changes.

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