#MyTrueSmile campaign ignites authentic self and inner confidence

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#MyTrueSmile campaign ignites authentic self and inner confidence


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Photo: Provided by Spark Aligners
Dental Tribune USA

By Dental Tribune USA

Fri. 22 July 2022


The Spark Clear Aligner brand announced its #MyTrueSmile campaign, unveiling its first brand partner. This campaign breaks away from convention by partnering with individuals who have demonstrated inner strength and vulnerability to inspire their fans.

Spark Aligners has partnered with Mark Tuan, an international singer, songwriter, model and online gamer, to showcase his smile transformation and motivate his followers on a journey of self-realization and search within.

"Mark was only 16-years-old when he ventured alone from Los Angeles to South Korea to pursue his dreams with K-Pop group GOT7. His fortitude and story inspired us and made him a perfect brand partner," said Sheila Tan, chief marketing officer of Spark Clear Aligners.

"Mark is multi-dimensional as an artist, expanding across several creative platforms. We love how he continues to connect with his fans by sharing his path of self-reformation and self-improvement. Mark is truly a positive force and reflects what #MyTrueSmile is about.”

Tuan's iconic brand is expanding to represent every facet of his life. His latest singles show a new direction and sound, reflecting his path of self-discovery and growth. With Spark Aligners, he can continue creating his magic and enjoy his active lifestyle and career with little interference while improving his smile.

"I always wanted a wider smile. With my Spark Aligner treatment, I can achieve this and not compromise when recording or performing in front of millions of people. I love the improvements I am already seeing," Tuan said.

"This was an ideal partnership for me because I am always looking for the best and most innovative products. When considering my teeth straightening journey, Spark Aligners was the obvious choice for me. #MyTrueSmile allows me to inspire my fans to embrace their inner confidence and further pursue their dreams."

By partnering with Spark Aligners, Tuan will share a glimpse of his treatment journey and give followers a unique look at Spark Aligners' orthodontist-directed treatment and efficacy.

To learn more about Tuan's treatment journey, visit sparkaligners.com/mark-tuan.

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