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Great impressions start with injections


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The DentalVibe Injection Comfort System provides a memorable first impression. (DTI/photo Bing Innovations)
Steven G, Goldberg, USA

By Steven G, Goldberg, USA

Tue. 26 June 2012


We all know that first impressions are everlasting, and I’m certain you would agree that the first impression we make with a new patient is one of the most important factors patients judge us on when they decide if we are going to be their dentist. After graduating NYU College of Dentistry in 1988, I opened my own private practice in Boca Raton, Fla.

Sure, I was well equipped with the clinical skills necessary to begin a general practice, but I soon realized the very first impression I was making on each of my new patients who, thankfully, were coming to me was to hurt them with an injection.

Of course, I did everything I could to reduce the injection pain — using topical warming carpules, injecting slowly, shaking the lip — but there was still that dreaded pressure pain caused by the tissue distention as the anesthetic solution was injected within the oral mucosa, especially on the palate. I realized I no longer wanted to hurt my patients to help them.

It then became clear to me that I needed to find a way to alleviate intra-oral injection pain and help diminish the anxiety millions of people endure as a result of the fear of pain when going to the dentist.

Remember, dentistry doesn’t hurt. Fillings, root canals and even extractions are painless, once your patient has been anesthetized. But the injection you administer at the very beginning of the procedure hurts them.

Showing your patients you are willing to invest in the very latest in technology to make their treatment experience as comfortable for them as possible is one of the most important investments you can make.

After many years of scientific literature research, I invented the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System, now in its second generation.

This patented, award-winning device utilizes revolutionary VibraPulse technology to send soothing pulsations deep into the oral mucosa while an injection is being administered. This counter-stimulation is picked up by the submucosal nerve receptors, sending a message to the brain and effectively closing the neural “pain gate,” enabling the comfortable administration of intra-oral injections.

Adults and children report painless injections, and dentists report less stress during the injection process. The device is cordless, portable, nonthreatening and easily affordable. It has been receiving rave reviews all around the world from key opinion leaders in dentistry and has been featured on TV news networks nationwide.

This is one dental product that can be marketed to consumers because of its universal appeal. Nobody wants to feel pain, and these days, patients are no longer willing to accept it as they may have years ago.

To take advantage of that, Bing Innovations, the maker of DentalVibe, has launched a multi-million dollar consumer awareness campaign, including TV commercials, consumer print ads, cinema advertising, Internet banner ads and a web-based dentist locator, which is driving new patients to those dentists who use DentalVibe.

Use the new DentalVibe Injection Comfort System in your practice and you, too, will make great first impressions that will last forever.

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