Five reasons why your office needs an emergency drug kit

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Five reasons why your office needs an emergency drug kit

An emergency drug kit can save lives and save your business.
Jeff Sheets, USA

Jeff Sheets, USA

Thu. 8 October 2009


‘An unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action.’ That’s how Merriam-Webster defines the word emergency — a word Americans are all too familiar with these days, thanks to the global economic downturn. As damaging as it was ‘unforeseen,’ that downturn has hurt businesses and consumers in virtually every sector of the United State economy, and therefore demands ‘immediate action,’ just like the dictionary says it does.

Dentists and their patients are no exception to the rule. Like their peers in manufacturing, retail and travel, their businesses have been bruised by the recession. And although recovery is inevitable, in dentistry and elsewhere, things are certain to get worse before they get better. To cushion the blow when they do, dentists must mitigate their risks and minimize their risk exposure.

Among the largest risks facing dental practices are dental office emergencies, of which surveys have shown that there are more than 30,000 every year in the United States. Risk mitigation therefore starts with emergency planning and response.

Because while the world’s economic emergencies can’t be controlled, your patient emergencies can — so long as your office has the proper equipment, including an emergency drug kit, such as Savalife’s M100, for treating common emergencies related to angina, asthma, insulin problems, allergic reactions, fainting and heart attacks.

Emergency drug kits are critical when it comes to saving patients’ lives.

They’re equally important, however, when it comes to saving your practice, particularly during an economic downturn, when the financial consequences of patient emergencies can be especially damaging.

Unfortunately, many dentists wrongly assume, “My practice is safe.”

If you’re among those who assume this, consider the following five reasons for equipping your office with an emergency drug kit that will help your business weather the recession and thrive during the recovery.

Drug kits can …

1) Protect your bottom line.
Although it can help you minimize the financial burden of an emergency, insurance is no match for prevention, planning and response, which can help you safeguard the investments you’ve made in your business.

2) Provide legal protection.
In the event of an emergency, having the right emergency response equipment may save your business from costly litigation.

3) Give you a competitive advantage.
Having equipment that other offices lack gives you a leg up on your competition, which can help you attract new patients and retain existing ones.

4) Promote professional development.
Emergency planning requires education, and professional development has been shown to increase employee engagement, loyalty and productivity.

5) Empower patients.
Because many patients are afraid of going to the dentist, just having an emergency drug kit can help you calm their nerves.

And, because happy patients talk, it can also help you stimulate referrals.

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