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Enhanced clinical guide helps dentists save natural teeth

By Dental Tribune America
July 31, 2014

CHICAGO, Ill., USA: Patients’ natural teeth can be saved with the help of a new and improved clinical resource, Treatment Options for the Compromised Tooth: A Decision Guide. The larger, full-color Guide developed by the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) includes 13 new cases and more than 100 images demonstrating successful endodontic treatment in difficult clinical situations. *

The guide is designed to encourage dentists to assess all possible endodontic treatment options before recommending extraction of a compromised tooth.

“The longer term challenges of tooth loss and replacement are becoming more and more apparent,” said AAE President Dr. Robert Roda. “The AAE’s revised treatment options guide is a critical resource for the clinical practitioner who wants to save the natural tooth.”

The guide helps dentists evaluate a variety of conditions using case examples with radiographs and clinical photographs, clinical considerations, and guidance for successful outcomes based on prognosis. It also aims to increase collaboration between general dentists and endodontists to work as partners to develop treatment plans that could save the natural tooth.

“This unique guide offers clinicians a systematic step-by-step approach to the clinical decision process for challenging endodontic cases. It should be a companion in everyone’s operatory,” said Dr. Yakir Arteaga, a general dentist in New York City. “It offers useful, workable, practical information and recommendations covering many aspects of endodontic care.”

The new Treatment Options for the Compromised Tooth: A Decision Guide is available as a free PDF download or for purchase from the AAE website at The entire dental community, including general dentists and specialists, office staff, educators and students are encouraged to use the guide in treatment planning and communication with patients.

(Source: AAE)

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