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ADA meeting in D.C. offers new products, education

Keith Progebin, DDS, of Washington, D.C., takes a photo of Christin Carter, DMD, left, and Shannon Holcomb, DMD, both of Greenville, N.C., in the entryway of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center at ADA 2015. Carter and Holcomb are graduates of the first class at the East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine. The two were catching up with Progebin and Paul Schwartzman, DDS, of Rockville, Md.; all have participated in The Dominican Dental Mission Project, founded by 2015 ADA Humanitarian Award recipient Dr. Francis G. ‘Frank’ Serio. (Photo: Robert Selleck, DTA)
Robert Selleck, DTA

Robert Selleck, DTA

Thu. 5 November 2015


WASHINGTON, D.C., USA: For more than a few exhibiting companies and organizations, Thursday wasn’t just the first day of the ADA 2015 exhibit hall, it was their first day ever to have products and services on display at America’s Dental Meeting. And when it comes to educational offerings, there is only one way to take advantage of all of the C.E. opportunities at this year’s meeting: Be in 120 places at once.

The Oral Cancer Foundation, which has been around since 1999, has been represented at a number of major dental conferences in recent years, but this marks the organization’s first appearance in an ADA exhibit hall. The rapidly growing organization’s “I’m part of the CHANGE campaign” is helping to increase oral-cancer-screening awareness among dental professionals. The nationwide organization also holds more than 30 runs/walks and other events annually to promote awareness among the public. Founder Brian Hill is an oral cancer survivor.

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Nanova Biomaterials is new at ADA because it’s still a relatively new company. But that newness hasn’t stopped its products from attracting a growing legion of fans. Offerings include StarBright, a flavored sodium fluoride varnish that enables young patients to brush in as few as four hours after application. You can mix and match flavors in 30-unit or 200-unit boxes. The company also offers NovaPro Flow composite, which comes in packs of one, two or four.

Anutra Medical is here for the first time because this is the first ADA meeting to be held after the FDA approved its Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System, which is described as the first-known FDA-approved, multidose, one-handed aspiration syringe that is fully disposable.

Speak Creative isn’t new to the Web development business, but after realizing that a growing number of dentists were seeking out its services, the company decided it was time to more directly target such clients. The focus started after a new dental-school graduate used the company to create an online presence for his practice. He ended up being so pleased with the results that he started referring all of his dental-school contacts. The company soon found itself expanding into a new niche after having previously focused on public zoos and aquariums. “We drive traffic to you and convert visitors and leads into clients,” said Alex Rasmussen. The company has expertise with all social-media platforms and digital media. “If somebody can find it on a digital device, we can help you with it.”

Also among the more than 70 first-time ADA exhibitor is a company wearing one of the industry’s oldest and most respected names: Henry Schein Surgical Solutions. It describes its offerings as covering “everything from cotton rolls to cone beams.” Be sure to check out one of its newest offerings on display: the iSy implant system.

Physics limit C.E. options to one place, one time

It’s not just in the classrooms where attendees face the difficult task of narrowing in on just one of the many simultaneous offerings. Strolling through the exhibit hall at any time of day also reveals an abundance of choices in C.E. opportunities.

At 10 a.m. alone on Thursday morning, if you were able to figure out how to be in 10 places at once in the exhibit hall you could have earned more than 12 C.E. credits before lunch. Among the options:

  • “Investing in Practice Growth: When, Where and How” with Bryan Chambers was getting started in the Dental Office Design Center.
  • “Laser Oral Surgery for the General Practitioner” was underway with Robert Convissar, DDS, in Room 1 of the Laser Pavilion.
  • A few aisles over in the Specialty Pavilion, “Mishaps and Legal Liability in Endodontics” was being presented by Alan Gluskin, DDS.
  • On the Live-Patient CAD/CAM Stage, Todd Ehrlich, DMD, working with a volunteer patient, was taking attendees step-by-step through an impressioning and in-office milling procedure.
  • In the Health and Fitness Center, Betsy Reynolds, RDH, was covering “The X (and Y) Factor: How Gender Affects Your Health.”
  • “Secure Exchange of Digital Images and Data for Dental Practices” was being led by Gregory Zeller, DDS, with seven other presenters in a teledentistry course in the Interoperability Standards booth.
  • Marty Jablow, DMD, was presenting “Get Your Head Out of the Clouds While Managing Your Data In It” at the Pride Institute Technology Expo.
  • And in the New and Emerging Speaker Series, Deborah Saunders, DMD, was presenting “Oral Complications in Cancer Therapy: What the Dentist Needs to Know.”

For those able to be in only one place at one time, the C.E. decisions having to be made in the exhibit hall never let up throughout the day.


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