Dentistry stands among top-ranked degrees in 2023

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Dentistry stands among top-ranked degrees in 2023

In a recent survey, dentistry and medicine were ranked as the most valued non-technology degrees by employers. (Image: Olena Yaroshenko/Shutterstock)

JERSEY CITY, N.J., US: In the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education, the value of degrees is constantly shifting to align with the demands of a dynamic job market. In recent decades, technology has taken dentistry by storm, and its evergrowing influence extends to multiple specialties. It thus comes as no surprise that, according to a recent survey conducted by Forbes Advisor, the most valued degrees this year are innovation- and technology-driven.

According to the survey, the most prestigious degrees this year are those focusing on artificial intelligence (AI; 25%), information technology (IT; 21%) and computer science (18%), whereas medicine and dentistry came in at joint fifth place (16%). In a world where technological advancements are reshaping industries, dentistry’s inclusion among the most esteemed degrees of 2023 reflects its enduring importance and recognition as a field that stands at the intersection of healthcare and innovation.

The survey also found that, according to 25% of UK businesses, degrees centred around AI have become highly prized. Additionally, 21% regard an IT degree as immensely desirable, whereas 18% perceive a computer science degree as the most pre-eminent in 2023.

Highlighting AI’s omnipresence in today’s society, AI skills emerged as the most requested abilities in the job market, and an astounding 40% of the survey participants believe that AI expertise is the most in-demand expertise in the workplace. The growth of AI is also likely to boost the need for experts in the field in the future, and a staggering 96% of respondents are convinced that AI will significantly affect the future job market.

Commenting on the survey results, Kevin Pratt, a business expert at Forbes Advisor, said in a press release: “The continued dominance of technology-related degrees, particularly those with a strong focus on AI, in the list of most valued degrees by employers underscores the profound way that AI is set to change the workplace.”

According to Pratt, technology-related degrees have been highly sought after for a couple of decades now, and this trend is likely to grow even further. He went on to emphasise that obtaining sought-after qualifications not only imparts relevant skills to graduates but also positions them at the forefront of innovation and the evolving employment landscape.

The integration of AI into dentistry holds significant promise for improving patient care, enhancing diagnostics and making dental practices more efficient.

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