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John Cox, vice president of technology sales for Henry Schein Dental, at ADA 2016. (Photo: Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)
Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

By Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Thu. 20 October 2016


DENVER, Colo., USA: When it comes to anything involving digital technology, the folks at Henry Schein Dental have you covered. Under ConnectDental, Schein’s platform for digital dentistry, customers can not only acquire all the necessary equipment, but also tap into a vast supply of knowledge, service and support needed to make that technology work.

“We feel there is a technology revolution going on,” said John Cox, vice president of technology sales for Henry Schein Dental, during an interview at ADA 2016. Through ConnectDental, Cox said, Henry Schein aims to help dental practitioners integrate digital technology into every step of the clinical workflow, with three main goals in mind: 1) enhancing the patient experience; 2) delivering predictable, quality dentistry; and 3) improving efficiency and productivity.

“Those three things are really driving the adoption of this fabulous technology,” Cox said.

In other words, Cox said, Henry Schein understands that it’s not just about the technology itself — it’s about making the technology work for the practice, laboratory and patient.

Cox summed up the “promise” of Henry Schein ConnectDental and pointed out that it involves a number of key components:

  • Trusted advice: Schein helps identify the unique needs of a practice or laboratory, so that a customer can choose the digital solutions that best help achieve goals.
  • An open architecture of digital solutions: Schein provides a wide choice of innovative, scalable digital technologies that seamlessly integrate new technology into a practice or laboratory workflow.
  • Practice management interoperability: Schein integrates digital technology with practice management software to help enhance the overall efficiency and success of a practice.
  • Dental laboratory connectivity: Schein understands that the dental laboratory is an integral part of the digital workflow. DDX proprietary software helps facilitate fast, safe and efficient communication between dental practices and labs.
  • Education, integration and support: Schein helps customers make the most of their investment in digital solutions by providing ongoing education to help the dental team fully utilize all of a solution’s benefits. Integration is offered, to help streamline workflow. And finally, sustained support is available, offering customers assistance needed every step of the way as they incorporate digital solutions into their workflow.

“We are here to find the right solution for a dentist’s office,” Cox said.


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