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Colgate introduces another breakthrough in dental sensitivity

By Javier Martinez de Pison, DT Latin America
April 14, 2009

MIAMI, FL, USA: Colgate-Palmolive introduced at the 87th Session of the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) in Miami a new product for in-office use that prevents dental hypersensitivity for long periods of time.

The Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief uses a technology called Pro-Argin that is the result of 30 years of research, according to Dr William DeVizio, vice president for dental clinical research for Colgate-Palmolive. It uses a combination of amino acids to seal open dentin tubules, blocking heat, cold, air and pressure to the teeth, and thus eliminating pain.

Dental hypersensitivity is a highly prevalent condition that affects 57 per cent of patients worldwide, according to some studies, and for which up to now there was no effective treatment. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief can correct dentin sensitivity for up to 28 days, making it an effective solution for this widespread problem.

The American Journal of Dentistry, a scientific publication, considered Pro-Argin of such importance that it published a special issue on the subject.

“This is a technology that’s been in development for 30 years,” Dr DeVizio explained. “It has been developed at Stony Brook University in New York. It’s something that we are launching as a professional product. We have demonstrated that if you use this product one time it gets rid of sensitivity, which is unlike a lot of other products.”

Dr DeVizio said that Pro-Argin is basically arginine, an amino acid naturally produced in the body. “It deposits calcium and phosphates in the surface of the tooth, and clogs the dentin tubules. (On the other hand), potassium nitride takes a while for it to build up and work,” he said. “This actually covers the holes in the tooth, preventing sensitivity.”

When asked, Dr DeVizio said that it is applied with a prophy cup, so dentists can do it before or after other dental treatments, “but before is more comfortable. It’s an interesting compound that not only rest in the surface of the tooth. We have got great results in clinical trials. It’s now out in the US, UK and Australia, and it will be marketed around the world.”

Dr Mark S. Wolff, chair of the Department of Cariology and associate dean for pre-doctoral clinical education at New York University, said this technology is so easy to use that dealing with hypersensitivity will be soon part of the overall treatment plan of patients.

Research in Latin America

Dr DeVizio said that Latin America is an extremely important market for Colgate, where “we work very closely with professionals in each country, and have approximately 75 per cent of the market.”

“Recently we launched Total Sensitive, a multi benefit product that protects against plaque and gingivitis, but that in addition gives you the hypersensitive benefit,” Dr DeVizio added. “And then, as we develop products, we try to customize them for the region.”

Asked how Colgate captured such a high market share in Latin America, DeVizio said that “there’s been a long tradition of Colgate in Latin America,” where at the moment the company is doing research in Colombia and in Brazil.

“We work very closely with the profession, and are affiliated with a lot of universities. There’s been this sense of trust built with the profession, and the consumers grow up with (the Colgate brand). There you find a strong sense of tradition, and a lot of people who relocate from Latin America to the United States bring that (brand recognition) with them.”



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