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Aribex invests in H2O TECH to develop breakthrough dental technology

By Dental Tribune America
January 26, 2012

OREM, Utah, USA: Aribex, manufacturer of the NOMAD Pro Handheld X-ray System, has made an investment in H2O TECH Inc. This is the first time Aribex has invested in an outside company. Details of the transaction were not disclosed; however, Aribex officials have confirmed Aribex will have a seat on H2O TECH’s board of directors.

“This is a great milestone for Aribex,” said Dr. D. Clark Turner, chairman and CEO of Aribex. “We were a start-up company not long ago. We have always had an interest in helping others navigate the process of bringing new, disruptive products to market.”

Aribex and H2O TECH officials are optimistic about the synergistic relationship between the companies. “With patented technology and solid prototyping progress, H2O TECH’s product, Waterjet, is a first-of-its-kind water drilling system with many general dentistry applications,” added Ken Kaufman, president and CFO of Aribex.

As the handheld X-ray leader advances into multiple technological ventures in 2012, Aribex leaders are looking forward to beginning the year as a resource to the H2O TECH team.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to work with Aribex, a well-respected and innovative force in the dental industry,” said Tim Nelson, CEO of H2O TECH. “In addition to lending credibility to future fundraising efforts, we will be able to lean on the experience of Aribex in the areas of engineering, regulatory, sales, marketing, manufacturing and more.”


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