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An easier way to maintain your handpieces

The QUATTROcare Plus by KaVo. (Photo: Provided by KaVo)

Tue. 11 October 2022


KaVo’s QUATTROcare Plus automated handpiece maintenance system makes it easy for you and your staff to quickly and properly care for your handpiece investments.

No need to worry about filling a machine with messy oil or maintenance solution. User-friendly QUATTROcare Plus spray makes cleaning and care of motors and instruments easy, and it is designed to stand up to sterilization. In addition, use of KaVo's QUATTROcare Plus automatically extends your warranty on KaVo handpieces.*

Easy to use

Quickly clean, lubricate and purge up to four handpieces or air motors all in the same cycle — no need to swap and press start for every handpiece or motor. QUATTROcare provides a completely controlled cleaning and purging procedure, according to the company. 


Economical investment

You can use QUATTROcare Plus for virtually all manufacturers' handpieces, air-driven scalers and air motors. 


Fast cleaning cycle

Flexible programing allows setting of total cycle time from 20 to 45 seconds per handpiece, scaler or air motor. In addition, the QUATTROcare provides easy maintenance of your handpiece chuck.


Exact amount, every time

QUATTROcare Plus provides the exact amount of spray needed for each maintenance cycle. The unique aerosol spray formulation expands to precisely clean and lubricate inside the instrument in just one step. KaVo's QUATTROcare Plus spray is also designed to stand up to sterilization.


Editorial note:

* Additional 2.5-year warranty if maintained with QUATTROcare Plus is valid on select KaVo Master Series and Expert Series handpieces and in the United States only.

Discover tips on how to prolong the service life of your KaVo handpieces by visiting booth No. 2415 during the ADA’s SmileCon. Ask about the limited-time show-only promotions.

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