KaVo introduces comprehensive product portfolio

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KaVo introduces comprehensive product portfolio


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KaVo Kerr Group President Amir Aghdaei addresses attendees at Venue SIX10 gathering. (Photo: Robert Selleck, DTA)
Robert Selleck, DTA

By Robert Selleck, DTA

Mon. 27 February 2017


CHICAGO, Ill., USA: Already known across the globe for its handpieces, KaVo used the Midwinter Meeting as the first major tradeshow to feature its newly expanded product offerings, which now include KaVo-branded treatment units and imaging solutions. KaVo invited dental professionals to get a close-up look at the offerings at an offsite event at Venue SIX10, a sleek, glass-enclosed meeting space at 610 Michigan Ave.

“It’s now a coordinated brand that can serve the needs of the customers across all workflows,” said Alistair Simpson, KaVo Kerr vice president of global marketing, introducing the “sneak peak” at the combined portfolio of KaVo-branded treatment centers, imaging technology, surgery systems and handpieces.

The imaging solution of the portfolio is the result of bringing Instrumentarium Dental products under the KaVo brand. For more than six decades, Instrumentarium Dental has been at the forefront of extraoral imaging innovation, and KaVo intends to continue to grow the “OP” hallmark and heritage under the KaVo brand.

For the first time, KaVo treatment units also are available in the U.S. market. The ESTETICA E50 Life and ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision units reflect KaVo’s commitment to state-of-the-art platforms for technology integration.

Beyond providing cohesive branding for product lines that seamlessly integrate with one another, the change also will simplify how KaVo supports its customers and products. A new KaVo.com website and single number for service and support, (888) ASK-KAVO, was also launched.

Accompanying these changes is a new, modern logo designed to help emphasize KaVo’s position in dentistry as a global technology and equipment leader.

“Around the world, the KaVo brand is synonymous with quality,” Simpson said in a news release issued prior to the meeting. “Starting with this year’s Chicago Midwinter Meeting, we are excited to demonstrate to the market that reputation extends far beyond handpieces and instrumentation. Dental excellence was the goal KaVo first set in 1909, and it continues to be our commitment to the dental professionals we serve.”

Expanding the KaVo portfolio lays the groundwork for an integrated workflow and innovation rooted in practice problem solving. You can visit www.kavo.com for more information.

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