America’s Toothfairy celebrates its anniversary

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America’s Toothfairy celebrates its anniversary

Dr Gordon Christensen, left, and Fern K. Ingber are pictured at a celebration for National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy that was held during the Midwinter Meting in Chicago, IL, USA. (DTI/Photo by Fred Michmershuizen)
Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Sat. 27 February 2010


CHICAGO, IL, USA: The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy (NCOHF) held a fourth year anniversary reception during the Midwinter Meeting. NCOHF is an educator, preventer and protector of the nation’s most vulnerable, offering services to children in need, primarily those from low-income households who suffer from untreated childhood caries.

Dr Gordon Christensen addressed those assembled, reminding everyone how important the work of NCOHF is. He pointed out that most children require treatment for caries at least five times, but those from low-income families often do not get the care they need. Such underprivileged children, he said, face unnecessary pain, trauma and discomfort.

“Caries won’t go away. The monster is still there, and it hurts,” Dr Christensen said. “Can we afford not to be involved in this?”

Fern K. Ingber, president and CEO of NCOHF, stepped forward to express thanks to the NCOHF’s corporate underwriters, whose contributions allow 100 per cent of donations to go directly to children’s oral care services.

Ingber also reminded those present about NCOHF’s affiliate program, which links hundreds of community-based, non-profit pediatric dental centers through a national network, sharing financial, technical and product resources in order to expand and enhance care for all underserved American children.

NCOHF affiliates, she said, share a common goal in serving their communities with a congruent integrative model for education, preventative therapies and restorative procedures. These affiliates, she said, are able to leverage vital resources and share their valuable experiences.

Ingber presented the 2010 Affiliate of the Year award to Sarrell Dental Center, which operates eight centers throughout Alabama. Upon announcement of their award, members of the Sarrell Dental Center team stepped forward to receive recognition — and plenty of applause — from those assembled.

The objective of Sarrell Dental Center is to provide needed access to comprehensive dental and eye care to underserved children and to participate in primary clinical research regarding local and national pediatric dental issues. Sarrell also provides oral health screenings, education and immediate dental treatment for Alabama’s pre-school and school aged children, regardless of their ability to pay.

The reception was sponsored by Matsco, a Wells Fargo Company, and DENTSPLY International.


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