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America’s ToothFairy announces leadership transition

Jill Malmgren has assumed leadership of America’s ToothFairy as executive director. ‘I am honored to have been chosen to lead this remarkable organization,’ she said. (Photo: America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation)

Tue. 29 November 2016


CHARLOTTE, N.C., USA: America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation recently announced the retirement of Fern Ingber, founding president and CEO. The Board of Directors has appointed Jill Malmgren, former chief operating officer, as her successor. Malmgren assumed leadership of America’s ToothFairy as executive director on Nov 7. Ingber will serve as president emeritus in an advisory capacity to the organization’s leadership until Feb. 28, 2017.

James Ingebrand, vice president and general manager of 3M Oral Care and chairman of the board of America’s ToothFairy, expressed appreciation and gratitude to Ingber for her service and for her commitment to ensure a seamless leadership transition.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of America’s ToothFairy, I would like to express our sincerest thanks to Fern Ingber for her dedication to children’s oral health and over 10 years of exemplary service,” Ingebrand said. “Under Fern’s leadership, America’s ToothFairy has built an outstanding portfolio of community-based programs delivering vital oral health education and services to millions of children and families, while establishing important partnerships and fundraising initiatives to support the organization’s future growth and sustainability.”

“I am very grateful for having had the privilege of leading America’s ToothFairy for the past decade,” Ingber said. “The many quiet heroes, who work every day to give our children a better chance for a healthier future, have inspired me. The families we serve often endure terrible adversity and dehumanizing experiences. With every undertaking, we have tried to come a little closer to our goal of helping these children prepare for proud and productive lives. I have been very fortunate to work with many exceptional individuals who generously shared their time, talents and financial resources. Together, we have shared a passionate commitment to a future where no child suffers from preventable dental disease. I am confident that the organization is in extremely good hands with the high-caliber, outstanding leadership that Jill Malmgren will provide. With several years of experience in the dental industry and having previously served as COO of the Foundation, Jill is very well-prepared to assume this role.”

Ingber initially served as the strategy consultant for the establishment of the foundation and then became president and CEO, a role she has held since January 2006. Prior to working in the field of dentistry, Ingber served as president of the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation; senior vice president for strategic development for Cancer Treatment Centers of America; executive vice president for the National Health Museum in Washington, D.C.; primary consultant in the development and implementation of the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Network and several pilot Prostate Cancer initiatives; founding general manager of the National Marrow Donor Program; director of the Department of Defense National Marrow Donor Center; and assisted several other organizations in the development of health and education programs and products.

In describing the decision to select Malmgren as executive director, Ingebrand stated, “Jill is a proven leader skilled in building organizational capacity, establishing systems that optimize efficiency and human potential, and motivating strong teams committed to excellence. Her exceptional business vision, strong management skills, and over 10 years of experience in the dental industry and with America’s ToothFairy make her the ideal candidate to assume this role. She has unanimous support from the board, and we look forward to working with her.”

“I am honored to have been chosen to lead this remarkable organization,” Malmgren said. “Having been involved with America’s ToothFairy since its inception, I am deeply committed to its mission. It has been a pleasure to work directly with Fern for nearly five years. Her strategic leadership, brave innovation, and unwavering commitment to children’s oral health have enabled America’s ToothFairy to expand access to care and education while improving oral health literacy among children, parents and caregivers. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors, our steadfast partners and those dedicated to improving children’s overall health and wellness to build upon our legacy of excellence in oral health programming and make a difference in young lives!”

Malmgren began her career in dentistry in 2006, where she served as director of operations for world-renowned Sheets & Paquette Dental Practice and the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute and volunteered for America’s ToothFairy. In 2011, she relocated to Charlotte, N.C., where she joined the America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation team and later assumed the role of chief operating officer. In that role, she oversaw operations, strengthened key stakeholder relationships, implemented systems to improve efficiency and monitor program performance, and helped spearhead groundbreaking programs contributing to the organization’s ability to expand services for vulnerable children and engage youth in oral health promotion.

About America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of one of the most prevalent chronic childhood illnesses: pediatric dental disease, facilitating the delivery of comprehensive oral health services and improving quality of life for underserved children.

Through the #MySmileMatters youth movement, collaborative partnerships with a diverse array of national service organizations, growing network of non-profit clinical partners, dedicated professional and student volunteers and a suite of high-impact community education and service programs, America’s ToothFairy is building a powerful, united effort to eliminate tooth decay and protect the smiles of our most vulnerable children. More information is available online, at

(Source: America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation)

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