Academy of Osseointegration to meet in D.C.

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Academy of Osseointegration to meet in D.C.

The Academy of Osseointegration’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., will focus on ‘Combining Fundamental Principles with New Technologies.’ (DTI/Photo stock.xchg)
Academy of Osseointegration

Academy of Osseointegration

Tue. 22 February 2011


WASHINGTON, DC: Recognizing implant dentistry’s global reach, the Academy of Osseointegration will introduce an International Symposium to highlight clinical research, technology and treatment advances that may be unfamiliar to U.S.-based practitioners during the its 2011 Annual Meeting, taking place March 3 to 5 in Washington, D.C.

This focus on international innovations is part of the meeting’s overall theme, “Back to the Future: Combining Fundamental Principles with New Technologies for the Next 25 Years.” The theme will serve as a guide for applying the knowledge gleaned during the last quarter century to the technology of tomorrow, Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair Dr. Tara Aghaloo of Los Angeles said.

“The 2011 annual meeting will illustrate that the most effective technological advances will reinforce fundamental principles and improve outcomes,” she said. “To maintain the credibility of our rapidly growing field, we must avoid embracing technologies that do neither.”

International Symposium debut

The International Symposium, to be held Friday, March 4, will offer presentations by a combination of established and up-and-coming speakers. The symposium will be moderated by Drs. Mark Handelsman, Santa Monica, Calif., and Kenji Higuchi, Spokane, Wash., and topics and presenters include:

  • “Management of the Deficient Maxilla,” by Dr. Joan Pi Urgell of Barcelona, Spain.
  • “Evidence-Based Protocols for Anterior Esthetics,” by Dr. Carlos Araujo of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • “Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Alveolar Bone Augmentation,” by Dr. Minoru Ueda of Nagoya, Japan.
  • “Accuracy of Computer-Guided Implant Placement Using a Mucosa-Supported Surgical Template” by Dr. Dehua Li of Xi’an, China.
  • “Future Horizons for Growth Factor Applications in Implant Reconstruction,” by Dr. Henning Schliephake of Gottingen, Germany.
  • “Esthetic Design in Complex Cases,” by Dr. Fernando Rojas of Viscaya, Castellon, Spain.

‘Point/Counterpoint’ approach to implant controversies

“Point/Counterpoint” sessions will provide a forum for debate on “Treatment of the Esthetic Zone,” Friday, March 4.

Drs. Michael Norton of London, England, and Craig Sirota of New York, N.Y., will moderate a series of discussions featuring opposing viewpoints on a range of topics:

  • “Implant Restorations: Analog vs. Digital Technology.” Opposing viewpoints on “tried-and-true” analog technology for implant restorations vs. computer-assisted approaches will feature Drs. Baldwin W. Marchack (analog) and Christopher B. Marchack, Pasadena, Calif., in a debate pitting father against son.
  • “Papilla Augmentation: Prosthetic Enhancement of Soft Tissues.” Dr. Christian Coachman, Sao Paulo, Brazil, will outline a three-dimensional prosthetic reconstruction option to enhance soft-tissue architecture. Dr. Sonia S. Leziy of North Vancouver, BC, Canada, will advocate solutions by surgical and restorative team members.
  • “Traditional Flap Approach vs. Flapless Surgery.” Clinical evidence demonstrating the advantages of flapless surgery will be presented by Dr. Stephen T. Chen, IV, of Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Anthony G. Sclar of Miami, Fla., will specify individual case factors for determining use of a traditional flap versus a minimally invasive approach.
  • “Immediate Implant Provisional Restoration.” Dr. Stephen J. Chu of New York, N.Y., will advocate on behalf of immediate placement by addressing current concepts, research and innovations and how they enhance treatment.
  • “Guidelines for Selecting Implant/Prosthetic Protocols in the Esthetic Zone.” Dr. German O. Gallucci of Boston will present an analysis of clinical considerations within the context of their direct application to esthetic implant/prosthetic rehabilitations and current scientific evidence.

The point/counterpoint format will also drive debate during the meeting’s opening symposium, “Controversies in Implant Dentistry” on Thursday, March 3.

“Both the opening symposium and ‘Point/Counterpoint’ sessions will feature respected implant professionals debating ongoing controversies, while audience members will engage in the discussion through use of audience response technology,” Aghaloo said.



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