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AAO urges its members to take cyber security threats seriously

By Dental Tribune USA
July 26, 2021

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recently informed its members of the urgent threat posed by cyber attacks. Recent news, including the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline and other worldwide companies, demonstrates the devastating impact these attacks can have on an orthodontic practice, the AAO said.

“The AAO endeavors to guide our members through the wide variety of complex issues that affect U.S. and Canadian small business owners, and cybercrime is an exceptionally complex topic to navigate,” said AAO President Dr. Ken Dillehay. “As an association, we must understand how to identify cybersecurity threats and how these can impact our members. The AAO encourages all orthodontic practices to take proactive steps to reduce their cybersecurity risk — because this threat is very real, and it grows more prevalent with each passing year.”

The AAO has partnered with two cybersecurity companies, Black Talon Security and Cybersecurity Insurance, to help enhance members’ internal system(s).

“Many members have told us they rely on their informational technology manager to identify and address their business risks. Unfortunately, this often results in insufficient risk mitigation,” said CEO Lynne Thompson Gordon.

The two AAO-endorsed companies have met stringent criteria to receive official endorsements from the AAO. Black Talon Security provides a variety of preventative services including cybersecurity assessments, vulnerability testing and employee training. Cybersecurity Insurance aims to protect orthodontists financially if they have a data breach.

(Source: AAO)

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