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Meet Pro 2, the next-generation dental 3-D printer

The Pro 2 dental 3-D printer. (Photo/Provided by SprintRay)

Sun. 5 May 2024


SprintRay’s Pro 2 is a next-generation dental 3-D printer that delivers unprecedented accuracy and throughput. With patent-pending Optical Panel technology and 385 nm UV-A light, Pro 2 is the most advanced 3-D printer the company has ever built.

To make Pro 2, SprintRay flipped the script on the printing process, placing the optical panel as close as possible to the resin tank, offering 35 µm resolution and zero distortion — all while retaining a large build area.

The optical panel includes smart onboard electronics that track usage, health and communicate calibration data with Pro 2. It is made from ultra-strong Gorilla Glass and machined aluminum for long-lasting performance

The LED that powers Pro 2 emits pure UV-A 385 nm light. This wavelength is ideal for photoinitiator absorption, which helps decrease shrinkage and improve cure depth control while boosting the green state mechanical properties. This leads to stronger, predictably precise final parts, with improved layer accuracy.

The LED in Pro 2 is so powerful, according to SprintRay, the company added liquid cooling and runs it below capacity for long-lasting performance.

The new Pro 2 UV-A light engine with optical panel will support a new future of biomaterial innovation.

Pro 2 is constructed from premium materials such as corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass, making it easy to clean and maintain for years. Thoughtful touchpoints on the resin tank, build platform and hood handle make it SprintRay’s most ergonomic printer yet.

Pro 2 comes with the Standard Kit, which has a huge build area perfect for batching and multi-patient production. The available Arch Kit can be installed simply by swapping the platform and resin tank, supercharging print speeds and offering the flexibility of rapid production.

Advanced print software

PrintOS helps you manage all the ways that SprintRay intersects with your workflow. Pro 2 is SprintRay’s most user-friendly desktop 3-D printer to date. With a large screen and research-driven software, anyone in your office can use it.

Pro 2 prevents common print errors by monitoring the resin tank and build platform to detect potential issues before they happen. Its user-friendly design includes improved workflow instructions.

Because Pro 2 is always connected to the cloud, it automatically updates its software and resin profiles. You always get the latest and greatest speed and resin compatibility.

Upload your scans to Cloud Drive, then use the touchscreen to print them. Your scan files are automatically closed, based and oriented, so all you have to do is press 'Print.'

Pro 2 is the ultimate practice supercharger, supporting workflows across myriad specialties — from clear aligner production to hyper-precise hybrid dentures.

Head to the SprintRay booth at the AAO Annual Session to learn more or visit

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