AAID 2014: More than magical

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AAID 2014: More than magical

Dr. Lambert J. Stumpel speaks on ‘Digital Implant World — Real or Hype’ during a main podium session at the AAID meeting in Orlando, Fla. (Photo: Anna Kataoka, DTA)
Kristine Colker, DTA

Kristine Colker, DTA

Mon. 10 November 2014


ORLANDO, Fla., USA: It’s a good time to be involved in implant dentistry. New techniques and technologies are changing the industry at a rapid pace. Things that weren’t possible before — like growing human tissue — are now becoming a lot closer to reality. This year’s American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s Annual Educational Conference, its 63rd, explored some of the magic that can be found not only in the new parts of implant dentistry but in the everyday parts as well.

On Wednesday, opening day of the meeting, keynote speaker Dr. Nina Tandon offered a peek into the future with her presentation, “Body 3.0,” in which she described a future that is all about growing our own body parts. Following her, there were even more glimpses into the future with Dr. Peter E. Murray’s talk on “Generation of Teeth Using Stem Cells” and Dr. Tomas Albrektsson’s “Future of Biomaterials and Osseointegration.”

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Other sessions turned back to the present, as digital dentistry took center stage. From not too long ago when the only X-rays were two-dimensional to today’s systems that can capture a degree of accuracy, predictability and precision never before available, 3-D dentistry is offering a type of magic that can enhance one’s practice. Dr. Jay R. Beagle presented “Digital Planning for the Implant Surgeon,” Dr. Frank L. Higginbottom presented “Digital Implant Dentistry: New Technology for Teeth and Implants” and German Galluci presented “Digital Approach to Implant Dentistry.”

They were just a few of the speakers on hand to discuss how this new technology fits into implant dentistry and how you can make sure it works for you and not against you.

The focus then turned to soft-tissue strategies, as Dr. Serge Dibart discussed the piezo-implant, Dr. Anthony Sclar demystified esthetic implant therapy and Dr. James Rutkowski gave an update on the use of platelet-rich plasma and fiber and recombinant growth factors.

Of course, the main sessions weren’t the only place magic was happening at the AAID. The educational sessions were endless, including the concurrent sessions. There were 10 different 90-minute programs.

In addition, an array of companies offered products and services in the exhibit hall.

Coming up: Be sure to mark your calendar for AAID’s 64th Annual Implant Dentistry Educational Conference, to be held Oct. 21-24, 2015, in Las Vegas.


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