A positive twist on implant education

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A positive twist on implant education

Earn 60 C.E. hours while gaining practical experience. (Photo: Trinon Collegium Practicum)

Mon. 9 April 2018


Continuing education in dental implantology has traditionally focused on theoretical aspects. Trinon Collegium Practicum (TCP) challenges this training approach by offering practice-orientated dental implantology courses. The Q-Implant Marathon offers an engaging curriculum specializing in hands-on training, the company asserts.

Conventionally, entering the field of implantology has proven difficult for many dentists. Typically, it is not a subject of university education, with many universities and courses focusing largely on theoretical orientation. Because of this, establishing oneself within this particular area of dental medicine can prove to be a time-consuming endeavor. Further complicating the matter is the issue that educational and training programs rarely present an opportunity for practitioners to practice directly on patients.

Since 2003, the Q-Implant Marathon has offered hands-on training that incorporates a live patient model. Participants spend five days assisting and leading surgeries under the supervision of TCP’s experienced surgical team. The Academy of General Dentistry accredits the Q-Implant Marathon, and all participants are eligible to receive 60 continuing-education credit hours.

The Q-Implant Marathon offers three levels of training on the basis of practitioner experience:

  • Level 1: Participants lead the placement of 30 implants, while assisting on dozens more.
  • Level 2: Participants perform five sinus lifts and learn foundational bone-splitting techniques.
  • Level 3: Participants learn advanced grafting techniques, such as ramus and chin block grafts and titanium mesh reconstruction.

For more information on Trinon Collegium Practicum courses, call (877) 705-1002, e-mail register@implantologycourses.com or visit www.implantologycourses.com.

(Source: Trinon Collegeium Practicum)

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