A new doctor-driven implant company: Ditron Dental USA

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A new doctor-driven implant company: Ditron Dental USA

Surgical Tube. (Photo: Ditron Dental USA)

Wed. 10 March 2021


A newcomer with an interesting story emerged on the U.S. implant scene last fall during the global pandemic. Ditron Dental USA, the U.S. affiliate of Ditron Dental, officially began commercial operations in October.

Founder of Ditron Dental USA, Dr. Ole Jensen, renowned oral surgeon, shared his vision for making the leap from clinical practice to company founder.

“We wanted to create a cutting-edge, very progressive company that is doctor driven,” Jensen said. “This means we will be able to better serve our patients. Who better to know what is needed than doctor creators?”

Jensen went on a global search for an ideal implant company partner that made ultra-precision implant components and found one in Israel with Ditron Precision Ltd.

Ditron Precision Ltd. was established in 1968 and is a world leader in machining of ultra-precise components and mission critical parts for the aerospace, aeronautical, automotive and medical device industries, including dental implants. With more than 50 years of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing, the company produces machined parts for demanding, high-performance cars such as Ferrari, Tesla and Maserati.

“And they make the most accurate, well-fitting dental implants,” Jensen said.

Ultimate Implant. (Photo: Ditron Dental USA)

A few of the key products offered are two dental implant systems, Ultimate (ULTTM) and Molecular Precision Implants (MPITM). The tapered implants range in diameter from 3.3 mm to 6 mm wide and from 6 mm to 16 mm in length. The simplicity of the system is highlighted in one restorative platform, 2.45 mm internal hex connection, shared across all implant diameters and for both the implant systems.

In addition, the MolecuLockTM implant-abutment connection provides a tight bioseal that reduces microgaps to less than 0.5 microns. This bioseal minimizes micromovement and microleakage, preventing the ingress of bacteria and mitigating risks of peri-implant disease.

The third-generation implant design of the ULT implant includes progressive features such as a Double Stressless Sharp Threads (DSST) for fast and controlled insertion and a high primary stability. The concave profile between the threads generates a gentle and progressive horizontal and vertical compaction of the bone. A patented Reverse Concave Neck (RCN) design with micro-threads was invented to favor atraumatic implant-bone contact by decreasing pressure to the cortical bone.

“I really like the aggressive thread of the ULT implant along with the tapered body and coronal micro-threads, all providing greater bone-to-implant contact,” said Dr. Bernee Dunson.

MolecuLock implant-abutment connection. (Photo: Ditron Dental USA)

The tapered implant profile has helical apico-coronal slots that allow the collection of blood and bone fragments from the osteotomy preparation. These materials can then form a scaffold or matrix to assist with osteoconduction and new bone formation.

Innovation expands beyond the implants. One-of-a-kind surgical solutions available only from Ditron Dental include a D-Tube with Integral Stopper Drills for each implant length, taking the guesswork out of implant placement, and a unique Surgical Tube.

Dr. Howard Golan said: “The surgical innovations from Ditron Dental have been delightful. The D Tube with Stopper Drills and a unique Surgical Tube, designed to hold limited drills for small cases, provide simplicity and ease of use for me and my staff during our implant case surgeries.”

Ditron Dental USA has assembled an impressive team of dentists to be involved as part of its Clinical Advisory Board, attracting thought leaders such as John Kois, Curtis Jansen, Dennis Tarnow, Jeff Ganeles, Lou Shuman and Bob Margeas, among others.

Ditron Dental USA is transforming dental practices every day, the company said. From ultra-precision and progressive design to technology and innovation, Ditron strives to offer high-quality, premium components without premium pricing, offering clinicians the highest quality at a more affordable price.

More information about the company is available at https://ditrondentalusa.com/implants/ultimate/.

(Source: Ditron Dental USA)

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