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E-paper editions are exact digital copies of the DTI print publications. Readers can search and navigate through the e-paper, as well as download and print pages to read offline. In order to promote wide dissemination to our international readership, access to most e-papers is free.

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digital international No. 4, 2022

Cover / Editorial / Content / News / Guided one-stage and two-stage implant placement in the anterior zone / Immediate implant placement and provisionalisation of a mandibular first molar / A multidisciplinary digital approach to a complex case - Surgical, aesthetic and occlusal procedure planning for implant-supported full-arch prostheses / Dentist–technician communication: We can all do better! / If I could see through your eyes, I wonder what I would see? / “Psychological knowledge and techniques will save time, money and frustration in the long run” An interview with Lena Myran / Building a sustainable dental practice / Study examines public perceptions regarding sustainable dentistry / Dental Thermal App offers “a simple, yet intuitive, clinically based workflow” An interview with Dr Les Kalman / “The beauty of exocad is that it’s a universal open platform” An interview with Dr Miguel Stanley / Unboxing the 3Shape TRIOS 5 intra-oral scanner / Manufacturer news / Meetings / “Gaining this international recognition means receiving an important responsibility” An interview with Dr Tiziano Testori / International events / Submission guidelines / International imprint /