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Dentsply Sirona extends its digital universe with Primescan Connect

Dentsply Sirona has released Primescan Connect, a laptop-based version of DS's intra-oral scanner. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Fri. 16 September 2022


LAS VEGAS, US/CHARLOTTE, N.C., US/BENSHEIM, Germany: Dentsply Sirona today announced its launch of new products and solutions at Dentsply Sirona (DS) World 2022 that have been designed to advance dentistry as part of the company’s digital universe. One of the highlights is the new Primescan Connect, a laptop-based version of Dentsply Sirona’s easy-to-use, fast and accurate intra-oral scanner. It is powered by the cloud platform DS Core, which has now been expanded with new features, and DS Core Care, Dentsply Sirona’s reliable service programme. DS World visitors have the opportunity to experience all products live.

Dr Cord Staehler. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Dr Cord Staehler, chief technology officer at Dentsply Sirona, said: “With our innovations for digital impression, we are adding valuable components to our digital universe. Digital impression taking is more than just a digital alternative for analogue impression taking. We can now offer a comprehensive digital workflow for treatment, patient monitoring, diagnostics and communication with patients and laboratories. Therefore, our new solutions for digital dentistry are a real game-changer.”

The company has paid particular attention to user friendliness and easy integration. All its digital products and solutions have been developed to be very intuitive in order to provide effective support in the treatment process, documentation and practice organisation. This is intended to help dental practitioners save time and money in day-to-day operations and allow them to focus more on the patient.

Primescan Connect—the easy-to-use scanner for seamless collaboration

Primescan Connect is the new configuration of Dentsply Sirona’s successful intra-oral cart-based scanner, Primescan, which came on to the market in 2019. All the benefits of Primescan are now available in an accessible solution, making it an easy starting point in digital dentistry.

Primescan Connect offers a superior and highly connective 3D-scanning technology for a lower investment than CEREC Primescan. In this new solution, Dentsply Sirona combined its fast and accurate intra-oral scanner with a specified laptop. Not only is it more flexible and space-saving when not in use, but it also fosters collaboration with the laboratory by offering validated workflows to all major laboratory software while maintaining the dental practice’s work routines.

Primescan Connect can be used in digital workflows for the fabrication of restorative indications, implantology, orthodontics and sleep appliances, among others. Therefore, this innovative device can increase efficiency and improve patients’ experience.

Dr Daniel Aniol. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Regarding Primescan Connect, Dr Daniel Aniol, a dentist from Bornheim in Germany, said: “I’ve already had the chance to test Primescan Connect in my everyday practice—and I’m really excited about this new solution. The new laptop-based version of this great dental scanner convinced me right from the start with its simple initial installation, high flexibility and good integration into my existing system. I have an extremely high level of image quality, the data calculation times are pleasantly short and the data transmission via the Connect Case Center is very stable. I can deliver optimal data to my laboratory and can expect optimal results.”

DS Core and DS Core Care for even greater digital functionality

Providing a comprehensive experience in digital dentistry, Dentsply Sirona offers Primescan Connect Solution. In this package, Primescan Connect is supported by DS Core and DS Core Care to enhance the practice’s connectivity and deliver more comprehensive service and support.

The cloud-based platform DS Core supports practitioners in their secure storage and sharing of data. The tool, which was developed in collaboration with Google Cloud and launched in March 2022, supports compliance with EU and US data protection laws [Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996] and maintains the openness, flexibility and ease of use of the most common methods of digital dental practice collaboration while allowing users to access their patient records anytime and anywhere. DS Core connects digital dental hardware and software through one platform, helping to improve efficiency and effectiveness in dental practices. This makes DS Core the gateway to the digital universe of Dentsply Sirona solutions. At DS World 2022, new DS Core features such as Primescan Connect support have been announced.

Dr Daniel Butterman. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Commenting on his experience with DS Core, Dr Daniel Butterman, a dentist from Centennial in Colorado in the US, said: “DS Core makes our everyday work noticeably easy for me and my team. It connects our Dentsply Sirona equipment and is accessible across multiple devices. We can store different types of patient files and share them with partners and colleagues even outside the practice—and all with a clear conscience because we know that the storage and data functions have been developed in a way to support keeping our patients’ data safe and secure.”

DS Core Care is an easy-to-understand comprehensive service and support solution that harmonises Dentsply Sirona equipment service offerings with a proactive, fast and responsive support solution. It helps increase equipment uptime and allows dentists to run their practices efficiently.

In Dentsply Sirona’s digital universe, all products and solutions interact seamlessly with each other. Also, Primeprint Solution, the highly automated, end-to-end, medical-grade 3D-printing system for dental applications, can be easily integrated and connected to the other devices.

Dentsply Sirona’s new products and solutions are available from this month. Owing to various certification and registration periods, not all products will be immediately available in all countries.

You can find further information at DS Core | Dentsply Sirona.

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