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VacuVUE HVE mirror

Ascentcare Dental Products announces the release of the VacuVUE HVE mirror, the latest addition to the company’s line of HVE dental instruments. Like all of Ascentcare’s products, the VacuVUE mirror was designed as a solution to the many problems dental professionals face, in this case reducing bioaerosols produced during routine procedures while simultaneously maintaining high functionality and simplicity.

When the development of this product started over a year ago, inventor and CEO Austin Ritter began as he always does with the day-to-day challenges of dentists foremost in his mind. From an optimally angled mirror head for retraction and ideal views, to the triangular shaped comfort grip that allows for increased agility and maneuverability, performance and utility are embedded in every aspect of this patent-pending design. To keep the new HVE mirror simple to use and maintain, it was engineered to be quickly installed at each operatory using your current HVE valves.

As this HVE R&D project developed, Ascentcare was particular with the design and also in choosing materials for this mirror. The replaceable mirror faces use PureHD mirror technology offering scratch resistance, 99 percent color accuracy and a 40 percent brighter view than your standard dental mirror. Durable, lightweight aerospace grade aluminum was chosen for the construction of the mirror. Made with supple Silcryn, the Whisper Lite vacuum line for the mirror has a hexagon interior to eliminate kinking while you work.

“This HVE mirror offers dentists and hygienists another measure to increase their efforts to reduce aerosols with continuous and properly placed HVE, while being practical and functional,” says Ritter. “This is an elegantly designed HVE mirror dentists would use with or without HVE. It is lightweight, has excellent retraction and the mirror face quality is truly unparalleled. It’s the first thing dentists comment on when they use the mirror.”

Ascentcare’s new HVE mirror offers a practical way to assist in four essential areas: aerosol and spatter reduction, saliva evacuation, retraction and clear clinical views. Developed with high functionality in mind, the VacuVUE HVE mirror makes for a useful addition to your repertoire of aerosol protection for yourself, your staff and your patients, according to the company. More information is available online, at, or by calling (616) 600-4505 to speak to an Ascentcare representative.

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(Source: Ascentcare Dental Products)