OrVance launches novel Aligner Pontics solution

Testing during development reports high satisfaction from both practices and patients for both the material and its packaging. The product comes in hygienic single-use applications and is made from a permanently pliable medical grade silicone with food-safe colorants (in the approximate Vita Shade range of A2–D2).

According to Dr. Mart McClellan, an orthodontist in Kenilworth Ill.: “OrVance Aligner Pontics is a game changer on many levels. The material itself offers a very realistic tooth color appearance in color, texture and translucence and is very pliable and easy for the patient to use. With its convenient and hygienic packaging, my patients can easily apply a single pontic in less than 10 seconds.

“What’s so unique about this product is that the permanently pliable material sticks in the tray and self-molds perfectly right up against the gingival tissue and adjacent teeth. My staff and my patients love this product.”

Practices can sign up to try a free sample at orvance.com while supplies last.

Mon. 25 May 2020, 5:52 PM Ortho