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Mojave and VacStar Vent-Less Vacuum Systems

Air Techniques, an innovator and manufacturer of dental equipment, has introduced a new Vent-Less Vacuum System series. The technology made its debut at the 2021 Midwinter Meeting, held recently in a virtual format.

According to Air Techniques, the new Mojave Vent-Less and VacStar Vent-Less systems are an industry first in dental vacuum exhaust air filtration. Air Techniques showcased the products at virtual booth No. 305 during the meeting.

These new models are ideal for high-rise buildings, current offices without vents and any office that wants to upgrade its vacuum system, Air Techniques said. Each model has a medical-grade ULPA filter with a 99.995 percent retention rate, ensuring it safe to exhaust directly into the mechanical room, according to the company. No longer is the practice restricted by mechanical rooms that cannot externally vent, the company said.

Mojave and VacStar Vent-Less Systems take away the need for installing a costly vent line, the company said. The Air Techniques proprietary designed Exhaust ULPA Filter with Diffuser guarantees maximum airflow from your vacuum equipment while also helping to eliminate biological cross-contamination, the company said. It will keep your practice and surrounding shared areas free of infectious airborne pollutants. Like other Air Techniques utility equipment, these systems only require an easy filter change once per year.

Also during the meeting, Air Techniques sponsored the course “A Practical Approach to Aerosol Mitigation,” presented by Dr. Martin Koch. The course, CLV204, is open to anyone who has registered to attend the virtual Midwinter Meeting. Koch presented on Friday, Feb. 26, but it is available to all until March 15. Attendees receive 1 C.E. credit.

The course offers the perfect opportunity for dental professionals to learn about the increased risk of exposure to dental aerosols if not treated correctly, according to Air Techniques. In this presentation, Koch provides insight into the latest research and presents the results of a study that is being conducted.

The robust product portfolio of utility systems, digital imaging and merchandise available from Air Techniques can equip the smallest practice to the largest university or hospital, the company said. Consistently, Air Techniques remains the leading and largest manufacturer of dental air compressors and vacuum systems in North America, the company said.

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(Source: Air Techniques)

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