Irritrol two-in-one endodontic irrigation solution

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Irritrol two-in-one endodontic irrigation solution

Irritrol, a two-in-one endodontic irrigation solution with a proven disinfection rate of 99.99 percent, was evaluated by 25 Dental Advisor consultants in 424 uses. This endodontic irrigating solution received a 91 percent clinical rating (4.5 out of 5 stars).

Irritrol is a single-step, endodontic irrigation solution formulated for use as a final rinse after sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). Irritrol contains chlorhexadine (CHX) and EDTA to disinfect the root canal and remove the smear layer.

The majority of consultants who evaluated the product would recommend and/or switch to Irritrol. Comments from consultants include:

  • “During irrigation with Irritrol, an amazing amount of debris is eliminated from the canal. I could see it bubble out.”
  • “The green color makes it easy to identify and differentiate from other irrigating solutions.”
  • “Simplicity of using our two favorite irrigation products with one solution.”
  • “No waiting period for solution to work.”

The consultants who reviewed this irrigation solution rated the product highly in categories such as efficiency, ease of use, color and integration into their endodontic procedures.

A full Irritrol product review was published in the April 2016 Issue of The Dental Advisor, and it can be found online at