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Avid Premier Hygiene Handpiece System

The Avid Premier Hygiene Handpiece System includes a lightweight, low-speed, maintenance-free air motor with four replaceable sleeves. One sleeve is used for each patient and then sterilized, while the motor can be used on up to 12 patients before needing to be sterilized. There is no need for multiple standard hygiene handpieces. According to manufacturer Avid Dental Products, the handpiece saves time and money.

“Avid Dental Products consulted an industry professional and hired an independent laboratory to validate the claim that our positive air pressure technology prevents the ingress of debris and microorganisms between the sleeve and the motor,” the company said. “The purpose of the testing was to identify and quantify microorganisms from collected samples taken from the motor used in actual prophy procedures on public health patients.”

According to the company, the handpiece was tested for the following microorganisms with all results reported as “not detected”:

  • Streptococcus (all species).
  • Staphylococcus (all species).
  • Fungi (most common types).
  • Heterotrophic plate count (HPC).

All industry disposable prophy angles work with the Avid Premier Hygiene Handpiece. The motor comes with a five-year repair warranty when used with Avid Fit Disposable Prophy Angles.

More information on Avid Dental Products is available by calling (573) 483-2843.

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