Meet the Munce Discovery Burs and their inventor, Dr. Munce

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Meet the Munce Discovery Burs and their inventor, Dr. Munce

The Munce Discovery Burs are the solution for deep exploration. (Photo: Provided by Dr. C. John Munce)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Wed. 3 May 2023


The Munce Discovery Burs were invented by Dr. C. John Munce nearly 20 years ago at his Santa Barbara, Calif., endodontic practice. Frustrated by the lack of an instrument to perform certain complex aspects of endodontic treatment, out of necessity Munce began shaping and designing a bur that could conveniently solve many of these challenges.

Already having formed CJM Engineering for his first patented invention, Root Canal Projectors, the unique Munce Burs are now made available solely through his family-owned company, CJM Engineering Endodontic Technologies, Inc.

Over the years, friends, colleagues and avid users of the Munce Burs have frequently offered valuable insights and suggestions regarding this unique bur line, and of course, Dr. Munce continues to enhance his products. Stop by the booth to see what he came up with.

The Munce Discovery Burs are designed to be the answer to calcified canals, uncovering hidden canals, troughing the isthmus and cement-line dissection around posts. Unlike ultrasonics, these burs are heatless, not prone to spontaneous breakage, and they create a more readable surface without any pesky “magnetic” dust. Endodontists frequently stop by the AAE booth and proclaim that they rarely find the need to use expensive, breakable ultrasonic tips.

The 31 mm Shallow Troughers and the original 34 mm Deep Troughers have color-coded head sizes of #¼, #½, #1, #2, #3 and #4, and they have the familiar tactile feedback of round burs. The long, narrow yet stiff shafts are designed to provide an excellent view corridor. The three smallest head sizes have a shaft diameter of 0.7 mm and the others have a 1.0 mm shaft diameter. The carbide tips enable post core-out and broken or cross-threaded implant screw drill-out.

The 31 mm #6 Endodontic Cariesectomy Bur assists with caries removal on the chamber floor, from deep within the access cavity, and from the internal aspects of crown margins as well.

Once the isthmus has been identified under magnification and troughed with Munce Discovery Burs, the 30 mm diamond-tipped TruGrit Trough Refiner, which has become a popular new favorite, helps clean up irregular edges to refine the trough. One endodontic resident recently told Dr. Munce, “If I could take only one bur with me to a remote island, it would be the TruGrit,” and then she quickly added, “As well as the full Munce Bur line, because I can’t perform root canal treatment without these!”

Munce enjoys lecturing worldwide (and via Zoom) on topics related to creative management strategies for endodontic complexities, and he has contributed to numerous textbooks. He is lead author of the “Preparation for Treatment” chapter in the seventh edition of Ingle’s “Endodontics”. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics and an endodontic faculty member at both Loma Linda University

and USC Schools of Dentistry. When not inventing new endodontic gadgets, he and his wife enjoy skiing on Schweitzer Mountain in the Panhandle of Idaho.

Learn more about Munce Discovery Burs at or call/text (805) 962-5532.



Editorial note:

To learn more about the Munce Discovery Burs, to meet Dr. Munce in person and to receive show specials, stop by booth No. 533 during the AAE23 in Chicago.

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