Simple and predictable short-term cosmetic tooth alignment: A case study

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Simple and predictable short-term cosmetic tooth alignment: A case study

During treatment with Six Month Smiles. (Photo: Dr. Andy Denny)
Andy Denny, USA

Andy Denny, USA

Thu. 24 July 2014


Thanks to the latest advances in cosmetic tooth alignment, general dentists are now able to provide simple, straightforward treatment for adult patients over a relatively short span of time. Treatments such as Six Month Smiles give the general practitioner a powerful new tool with which to straighten anterior teeth.

Kelly had always been concerned about the appearance of her teeth, particularly her crossed-over front teeth and the lateral teeth that she used to call “fangs.” She was also aware that her front teeth at the bottom were fairly crowded as well. This meant she was seriously lacking confidence and really didn’t like the way things looked.

Before she came to our practice, Kelly had been to consultations with specialist orthodontists and declined the long-term treatment option. When she came to see us, we discussed how the ideal situation would be for her to have comprehensive orthodontic treatment, but if she still wasn’t interested in the long-term option, there might be an alternative solution in the form of Six Month Smiles.

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This option was extremely appealing to Kelly, who wanted to have a faster and cosmetic solution to her crooked teeth.

After just about six months, her teeth were aligned and the treatment was complete. To finish everything off, we carried out some edge bonding and shaping of the tips of the upper incisors to enhance the final esthetic result.

Kelly was absolutely delighted. There was a noticeable improvement in her smile, and from a hygiene point of view, her teeth are now easier to maintain.

Another pleasing aspect of the result is the regeneration of her papilla between the upper central incisors. This is a particular esthetic benefit of tooth alignment treatment vs. a pure restorative solution, because in a case like this, it’s not just about the shape of the teeth but having them in the right position to give a pleasing cosmetic result by enhancing the pink esthetic frame for the teeth.

One of the great things about the Six Month Smiles system is it takes a lot of the complexity out of providing simple fixed orthodontic treatment for patients whose chief complaint is cosmetically focused and who have already turned down comprehensive orthodontics. It allows us to achieve a fantastic result without having to resort to aggressive veneer preps or other restorative procedures.

With treatments such as Six Month Smiles, there is now a powerful option for patients who have in the past had to opt for comprehensive treatment or just done nothing at all.

Note: This article was published in today, Hinman Dental Meeting edition, Vol. 5, No. 3, March 29, 2014.

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