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Relationships matter at Launch Loyalty

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Launch Loyalty

Launch Loyalty

Tue. 11 July 2023


In 2021, Harvard Business Review wrote about what it really takes to build a new habit. In its article, there is a quote from Nir Eyal that explains, “A habit is a behavior done with little or no thought, while a routine involves a series of behaviors frequently, and intentionally, repeated.”

Backed by more than 40 years of experience in the dental industry, Launch Loyalty has crafted an ideal formula of success to consistently maximize the returns on relationships dental groups like you receive and deserve. From building new revenue streams to maximizing chair time, Launch Loyalty’s winning routine makes a habit out of success but is always personalized to your business, not the automated approach that software-based solutions provide.

Launch Loyalty authentically and efficiently encourages patient loyalty and boosts treatment plan acceptance. We stress the importance of returns in our working relationships, something software- based plan administrators simply can’t do.

Software can only perform tasks it has been designed to perform, meaning it naturally has a hard limit on its capabilities and tends to break before it bends. At Launch Loyalty, we’re people, not a program, meaning we can bend to fit all of your unique needs without breaking.

We are the experts to trust when it comes to running a successful discount plan. Whether that is a pre- existing discount plan you are looking to outsource or your own brand-new in-house membership plan, Launch Loyalty can put your dental group on the fast track to success.

Visit and request a demo to see how this works in real time, for your own dental group. We’d love to connect!

Editorial note:

To learn more about how Launch Loyalty can work with you, visit and request a demo to see how everything works in real time.

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