OrthoAccel’s new AcceleDent Optima receives FDA clearance

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OrthoAccel’s new AcceleDent Optima receives FDA clearance


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According to OrthoAccel, the new AcceleDent Optima accelerated orthodontic device is smaller and sleeker and connects to a HIPAA-compliant app. (Photo: OrthoAccel)
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By Dental Tribune USA

Thu. 29 June 2017


HOUSTON, Texas, USA: OrthoAccel Technologies, a manufacturer of accelerated orthodontics technology, has received FDA clearance for its newest accelerated treatment device, AcceleDent Optima, and will begin fulfilling orders immediately. According to the company, the next generation of accelerated orthodontics, AcceleDent Optima, is the first and only orthodontic device that directly connects patients and practices with usage monitoring, direct messaging and virtual rewards via the AcceleDent App, which can be downloaded via iTunes and Google Play.

AcceleDent Optima is the third generation of vibratory accelerated orthodontic devices to be commercially available from OrthoAccel within the past six years. Designed with enhanced patient convenience in mind, Optima is a smaller, more lightweight device that is waterproof and able to connect with smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth connectivity, according to the company. The device’s charging case enables patients to wirelessly charge the activator, which has a five-to-seven day battery life.

Like its predecessors, AcceleDent Aura and AcceleDent Classic, Optima is powered by patented SoftPulse Technology, producing pulsating forces clinically shown to stimulate cellular activity in orthodontic treatment and demonstrated to speed up bone remodeling. The prescription-only device speeds up treatment with braces or aligners by as much as 50 percent while reducing discomfort.

To receive the benefits of accelerated treatment with AcceleDent, it is important for patients to use the device daily for 20 minutes. Dr. Straty Righellis, an orthodontic lecturer and practitioner, says that he is excited about AcceleDent Optima because of its proven technology, sleeker design and ability to improve compliance through the new AcceleDent app.

“I offer AcceleDent because the science supporting acceleration using low-pulsatile forces, such as those employed by AcceleDent, has existed for 40 years,” said Righellis, who practices at Righellis and Associates in Oakland, Calif. “AcceleDent Optima will make it easier for orthodontists to monitor and encourage patient compliance because of the usage data that syncs to the AcceleDent App.”

OrthoAccel representatives developed the AcceleDent App to help patients maintain compliance throughout their treatment. The app allows patients to track their usage, set reminder notifications and compare their progress to other AcceleDent patients across the world. Patients who maintain optimal daily usage of AcceleDent will earn awards on the app’s Achievements Screen. This added motivation is similar to badges that users earn on popular fitness tracking apps.

Orthodontists, treatment coordinators and other practice staff will be able to view a customizable web portal that syncs real-time usage data for each of their AcceleDent patients. Access to this data enables the clinical team to compliment patients who are excelling with compliance and to encourage low-compliant patients.

The availability of this data will allow for more proactive case management, including more informed scheduling, and an overall increase in practice efficiency. Orthodontists such as Righellis appreciate how easily they can integrate this innovative AcceleDent technology into their practice without burdening operations.

“The benefit of integrating low-force pulsation, such as AcceleDent, as my sole accelerated treatment option is that it’s noninvasive, it gives me added control through all three stages of treatment and it does not disrupt the normal patient flow of my orthodontic office,” said Righellis, who has treated more than 100 patients with AcceleDent.

In addition to receiving FDA clearance, AcceleDent Optima has also been cleared by Health Canada and has received the CE Mark that makes it commercially available in Europe. U.S. orthodontists interested in learning more about AcceleDent Optima can visit http://www.acceledent.com/ or the OrthoAccel sales representative locator to find a company representative near them or call (866) 866-4919, Option 1.

(Source: OrthoAccel Technologies)


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