Ormco unveils a refreshed brand identity while staying true to core values

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Ormco unveils a refreshed brand identity while staying true to core values

Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Sat. 22 April 2023


With more than 60 years of distinguished history in providing the orthodontic community with a breadth of high-quality, innovative products, solutions and education, Ormco announces a brand refresh inspired by its recommitment as an innovative partner to the orthodontic community.

With a continual dedication to partnership, investment in doctor-inspired innovation and greater clinical freedom, the company will share its new company tagline, “Driving the future of orthodontics, together,” along with the unveiling of a visually refreshed brand identity at this year’s American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session.

Initial elements of Ormco’s brand refresh include:

  • New company tagline: “Driving the future of orthodontics, together”
  • New logo: As a prominent representation of the company and its dedication, the new logo incorporates “Together” as a recommitment to collaboration and doctor-inspired innovation.
  • New brand colors: Fresh new colors convey passion and bring to life Ormco’s commitment, dedication, innovation and future-focused partnership for all orthodontic solutions.

“In the spirit of a brand refresh, we continue to recognize and respect the expertise of orthodontic specialists as well as their investment in advancing their education, building a vision for their practices and growing their businesses, all while helping patients enjoy healthier beautiful smiles,” said Eric Conley, SVP Orthodontics for Envista. “The renewed commitment to our existing and new customers is to provide best-in-class products, doctor-inspired innovation and clinical freedom by giving the flexibility to choose orthodontic solutions and preferences that best fit their practices.”

As part of its commitment to driving the future of orthodontics, Ormco continually invests in doctor-inspired innovations. Ormco has more than 1,000 patents worldwide and invests millions annually in research and development to ensure its products continue to respond to the evolving needs of orthodontists and patients.

“By investing in innovation, Ormco is also investing in me. It’s a symbiotic partnership. We make Ormco better, and Ormco makes us better,” said Dr. Trevor Nichols of Frost Nichols Orthodontics.

“Ormco also invests in the success of orthodontists through industry-leading partnership,” said Dr. Stuart Frost of Frost Nichols Orthodontics. “As the single, trusted and proven partner for orthodontic specialists, Ormco helps simplify vendor management so we can focus on growing our practice. We turn to Ormco as our one source for complete orthodontic needs, as well as robust educational offerings, a dedicated support team, marketing resources, a generous loyalty program and expert-led events to keep us at the forefront of our profession.”

The significant investment in R&D has led to a number of industry-first and breakthrough products and features including:

  • The first true full expression system designed for faster and more precise finishing with the Damon Ultima System.1
  • The new Ultima Hook, the only repositionable hook..2
  • Proprietary ceramic bracket technology and advanced clear bracket design with Symetri Clear.
  • TruRoot for Spark Clear Aligners that allow doctors to see actual roots in the treatment plan.
  • Ormco’s new OrthoPulse 2.0 light-powered treatment accelerator that applies low-intensity infrared technology for up to 50 percent faster treatment time3 and a 73 percent reduction in pain.4

Along with the Damon Ultima System for self-ligation, Ormco’s portfolio includes the Spark Clear Aligner System, Titanium Orthos, Symetri Clear, AOA Lab, Mini Twin and OrthoPulse Light Accelerated Orthodontics*. In addition, as part of the Envista family of companies, Ormco provides doctors with Dexis IS scanning solutions and Metrex infection prevention solutions.

With a portfolio encompassing wire and bracket systems, clear aligners, light accelerated technologies, 2-D and 3-D imaging, infection prevention, custom appliances and more, Ormco provides a full gamut of innovations that help doctors improve patients’ smiles by leveraging the future of orthodontics.

Learn more at ormco.com/en-us/our-mission.

Editorial note:


  1. Data on file.
  2. Using the Ultima™ Hook Repositioning Instrument.
  3. Shaughnessy et al. Intraoral photobiomodulation-induced orthodontic tooth alignment: a preliminary study. BMC Oral Health, 2016. 16:3.
  4. Al-Okla N, Ferguson D et al. Pain perception of photobiomodulation treated and sham-controlled patients undergoing orthodontic treatment: JCO / February 2020, Volume LIV No. 2.

* OrthoPulse is a registered trademark of Biolux Technology GmbH. OrthoPulse is distributed by Ormco.

To learn more about Ormco, visit ormco.com/en-us/our-mission or stop by booths Nos. 1020 and 1986, during the AAO Annual Session.

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