Ormco announces the launch of the Ultima Journey

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Ormco announces the launch of the Ultima Journey

The Damon Ultima System for self-ligation. (Photo: Provided by Ormco)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Sun. 23 April 2023


With more than 60 years of distinguished history in providing the orthodontic community with a breadth of high-quality, innovative products, solutions and education, Ormco announces the launch of the Ultima Journey.

Focused on driving the success of Damon Ultima treatments, the Ultima Journey takes doctors’ efficiency and skills to the next level.

The official unveiling is taking place at the AAO Annual Session.

“Ormco has led numerous industry breakthrough products and features by investing in R&D and innovation. The first true full expression system, Damon Ultima, transforms smiles with virtually no play and faster, more precise finishing.*  The Ultima Journey will support doctors to maximize the Damon Ultima benefits for their practices. Ongoing education to improve skills and create beautiful smiles along with creating an online community for orthodontists will only help advance and grow their practices," said Eric Conley, SVP, orthodontics for Envista.

Advanced modules and resources include:

  • On-demand, educational modules led by key experts.
  • Staff training for Damon Ultima proficiency.
  • Key techniques to achieve earlier control and full expression.
  • Tips for streamlining workflows, decreasing chair time and finishing faster.
  • Insights to differentiate the product to ultimately grow practice.
  • Exclusive discounts on in-person Ormco educational events.
  • Free peripheral package of Ormco products suggested by key experts.

Key experts include:

  • Dr. Matias Anghileri
  • Dr. Michael Bicknell
  • Dr. Todd Bovenizer
  • Dr. Stuart Frost

“Ormco’s Ultimate Journey is an exclusive community that encourages doctors to rethink all they know about passive self-ligating (PSL) systems and optimize their practices with Damon Ultima,” said Dr. Stuart Frost of Frost & Nichols Orthodontics in Mesa, Ariz. “Ormco’s continuous investment in advancing how doctors use the world-renowned Damon Ultima System is the reason why I am participating as a key expert, showing colleagues how to unlock their Ultima success.”

Along with the Damon Ultima System for self-ligation, Ormco’s portfolio includes the Spark Clear Aligner System, Titanium Orthos, Symetri Clear, AOA Lab, Mini Twin and OrthoPulse Light Accelerated Orthodontics. In addition, as part of the Envista family of companies, Ormco provides doctors with DEXIS IS scanning solutions and Metrex infection prevention solutions.

With a portfolio, encompassing wire and bracket systems, clear aligners, light accelerated technologies, 2-D and 3-D imaging, infection prevention, custom appliances and more, Ormco provides a full gamut of innovations that help doctors improve patients’ smiles by leveraging the future of orthodontics.

Learn more at ultimajourney.com.

Editorial note:

To learn more about Ormco and its Ultimate Journey, visit ultimajourney.com or stop by booths Nos. 1020 and 1986 during the AAO Annual Session.

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