Novus: A new resilient denture liner

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Novus: A new resilient denture liner

Novus is a permanent resilient denture liner. (DTI/Photo/Lang Dental)
Lang Dental Mfg. Co.

Lang Dental Mfg. Co.

Tue. 2 November 2010


Lang Dental Manufacturing Company announces the introduction of Novus, a permanent resilient denture liner featuring a very unique compound, polyphosphazene (PNF) gum rubber synthesized by MST Inc., of Conroe, Texas, and compounded exclusively for Lang Dental. Unlike all other resilient denture liners, Novus does not harden like the plasticized acrylics and needs no periodic surface coating to restrict the migration of toxic plasticizers.

It is passive to fungus overgrowth, requiring no periodic antimicrobial treatments, unlike the silicone and urethane materials that frequently become fouled with subsurface and surface fungus after only a few months.

Novus bonds well to acrylic denture bases without special adhesives and is surprisingly easy to grind, adjust and polish with most rotary instruments.

Novus benefits include the following:

  • Shock absorption during chewing.
  • Permanent softness with no plasticizers to leach out.
  • Resistance to surface and subsurface fungal growth.
  • Low surface tension with excellent wetting.
  • Easy adjustment and polishing with rotary instruments.
  • Engagement of deep anatomical undercuts.
  • Moldable around implant heads and bars.
  • Excellent bonding to acrylic denture bases.
  • Radiopaque (can be identified if parts are swallowed or inhaled).
  • Unlimited shelf life of the single-component paste if refrigerated.
  • Use of standard dental laboratory compression-molding processing steps.

The denture liner was developed with the support of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, U.S. Patent 4,661,065.

Novus is available through all dental dealers. More information is available from Lang Dental Mfg Co.


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