Newly patented Crysta molecule powers ACTIVA Presto, Pulpdent’s latest bioactive restorative

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Newly patented Crysta molecule powers ACTIVA Presto, Pulpdent’s latest bioactive restorative


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According to Pulpdent, new chemical technology allows for the first-ever universal light-cure bioactive restorative with smile zone esthetics, and it also facilitates intimate hydroxyapatite bond between tooth and composite. (Photo: Pulpdent)
Dental Tribune USA

By Dental Tribune USA

Mon. 10 January 2022


WATERTOWN, Mass., USA: Pulpdent has announced that its newly patented Crysta MCP technology is available immediately in ACTIVA Presto, the company’s new universal light-cure bioactive restorative. Crysta allows ACTIVA Presto to actively promote the health of restored teeth while also meeting the highest esthetic standards of restorative dentistry — a first for dental material science, according to the company.

“ACTIVA Presto and Crysta have the potential to impact millions of patients worldwide by significantly improving the outcomes of dental restorative procedures while also meeting today’s esthetic demands,” said Pulpdent Executive Manager Lew Berk. “We are thrilled to introduce this technology and shatter the ceiling for what’s possible in dental restorative materials.”

Crysta is the trade name for methacrylate-functionalized calcium phosphate (MCP), a bioactive molecule developed over the course of six years by the Pulpdent research team. When placed in a dental composite, Crysta facilitates a hydroxyapatite bridge between tooth and composite, according to the company. It also enables top-tier esthetics, which lets dentists use bioactive composites in the smile zone without compromise, the company said.

“We realized that active dental materials were the future and began investing heavily in bioactive dental research more than 20 years ago,” said Pulpdent President Fred Berk. “It has taken many breakthroughs to achieve a light-cure material with bioactive properties that works exactly the way dentists expect. A great many hurdles have been unequivocally overcome with the advent of Crysta and ACTIVA Presto, which solve the challenges that have impeded bioactive restorative materials from universal use in the marketplace to this point.”

Crysta, which facilitates tooth remineralization through the transfer and precipitation of calcium, fluoride and phosphate, is the second major breakthrough by the Pulpdent research team in the realm of bio-interactive dental material research, the company said. The first breakthrough came in 2013 with the release of dual-cure ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE, the first durable, esthetic, bioactive restorative suitable for both dentin and enamel replacement, the company said.

While ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE continues to be widely used in posterior restorations, Crysta-containing ACTIVA Presto has multiple shades and can be freely used in the anterior and posterior. Moreover, both ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE and ACTIVA Presto can be used together, giving dentists powerful new ways to restore teeth and protect patients against secondary caries.

By definition, bioactive dental materials stimulate the natural remineralization process that helps protect teeth against caries. Bioactive restoratives also actively promote a bonded layer of apatite between the tooth and restoration. Pulpdent’s bioactive dental materials are acknowledged by the US Food and Drug Administration as meeting requirements to be termed “bioactive.”

ACTIVA Presto is the first bioactive, light-cure, universal restorative, according to Pulpdent. It has unique stackable handling, making it a restorative material without a peer, the company said. ACTIVA Presto also benefits from Pulpdent’s proprietary rubberized resin and moisture-friendly technology, which ensure durability and worry-free placement, the company said.

More information on Crysta is available at More information on ACTIVA Presto is available at

(Source: Pulpdent)

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