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In an interview, Dr. Barbara Shearer discusses the new Colgate Total SF. (Photos: Colgate)

Interview: Helping patients achieve optimal oral health

By Dental Tribune USA
January 22, 2019

In an interview with Dental Tribune, Dr. Barbara Shearer discusses the new Colgate Total SF, its benefits of sensitivity relief and instant odor neutralization, the concept of “whole mouth health” and more.

You recently introduced new Colgate Total SF at the 2018 Greater New York dental meeting. What has the feedback been thus far?

The feedback has been extremely positive. Dental professionals are the first to know about new Colgate Total SF, ahead of our consumer launch early in 2019. After learning about new Colgate Total SF at our interactive exhibit at Greater New York, dental professionals have mentioned that they are most excited about the new benefits of sensitivity relief and instant odor neutralization. Many have also mentioned that this new toothpaste covers many patients’ needs and are excited to try it and see for themselves.


What makes Colgate Total SF different from original Colgate Total?

The new advanced fluoride formulation found in new Colgate Total SF addresses all indications of the original Colgate Total including plaque, gingivitis, caries, stain removal/whitening and calculus. Yet new Colgate Total SF delivers even more benefits than ever before to help patients achieve whole mouth health with sensitivity relief, enhanced enamel strength and instant odor neutralization associated with bad breath.


This has been Colgate’s biggest offering in quite some time. How long has this product been in development?

New Colgate Total SF has a unique formula that has been in development for more than a decade.


Why the switch from triclosan to stannous fluoride?

Colgate Total is safe and its approval by the FDA and other regulatory authorities across the globe, it has not changed in any way. We have introduced a new Colgate Total formula because it delivers more benefits that protect the whole mouth — teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums — than Colgate Total with triclosan/copolymer.


There has been some speculation about stannous fluoride in regards to staining. How has Colgate addressed this with the new formula?

New Colgate Total SF is formulated in a completely new way to stabilize and deliver stannous fluoride by using zinc phosphate to prevent oxidation. This breakthrough formula overcomes the well- known challenges of stannous fluoride toothpastes, such as staining and poor taste. Currently New Colgate Total SF has 39 granted patents and 87 pending patents globally.


A theme with the new Colgate Total SF seems to revolve around this concept of “whole mouth health.” Can you please explain what this means to dental professionals and patients, and how does new Colgate Total support this goal?

“Whole mouth health” is about helping patients achieve optimal oral health. Since the launch of the original Colgate Total, people’s view of health has evolved. What had been a focus on treating specific problems and individual parts of the body has become a desire for a holistic approach that enables a full and connected life. When it comes to toothpaste, people are seeking reassurance that they’ve done the most complete job possible, freeing them to get out there and connect with the world around them.

From a scientific perspective, plaque-causing bacteria grow throughout the whole mouth [teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums]. Saliva can transport bacteria from the cheeks and tongue to the teeth and gums. New Colgate Total SF fights plaque-causing bacteria on 100 percent of mouth surfaces*¹, helping to reduce the overall bacterial load. It also creates a protective barrier on the whole mouth to shield against bacterial attachment and regrowth, preventing bacteria reservoirs from forming.

NOTE: This product is only available in the United States.

*Statistically significant greater reduction of cultivable bacteria in saliva and on tongue, teeth, cheeks, and gums with new Colgate TotalSF vs non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste after 8 weeks, 12 hours after brushing.

Reference: 1. Colgate Clinical Report 20180316BAC


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