Implant pioneers meet in New York

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Implant pioneers meet in New York

Drs. Leonard Linkow, Victor Sendax, Jack Wimmer and Ronald Bulard host a celebration of the past and future of Park Dental Research Corporation. (DTI/Photo Park Dental)
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Dental Tribune USA

Wed. 11 January 2012


NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: Old friends and new gathered in Manhattan recently to celebrate the continuing legacy of Park Dental Research Corporation, a leader in dental implant research and products since 1967. Hosted by Drs. Ronald A. Bulard, Leonard Linkow, Victor Sendax and Jack Wimmer, the reception honored the life’s work of Park Dental’s founder, Wimmer, and his pioneering partners and restated its commitment to bringing value-based implant solutions to dental patients around the globe.

Linkow, who has published 17 books that have been translated into many languages, delivered a summary of Wimmer’s early loss of his family at the Dachau concentration camp, his study of dental medicine in Germany and subsequent move to the United States with his wife Sally and his notable contributions to dental implantology.

Wimmer became a visionary in dental implantology, working with legends to research, develop and distribute tooth replacement solutions around the world through the company he founded, Park Dental Research. Linkow traveled the world with his friend and described Wimmer’s zest for life and the people they met while lecturing to eager dental groups.

After Linkow’s introduction, Wimmer spoke modestly of his career and boldly of a new era at Park Dental Research. Wimmer revealed that he chose Bulard to succeed him at Park Dental because of Wimmer’s confidence that Bulard understood the history of dental implants and has a realistic vision of how to build upon Park Dental’s experience to achieve new heights.

For the first time, Wimmer also revealed to Bulard that the idea for Park Dental came to him while sitting on a bench in Central Park.

In accepting Wimmer’s challenge, Bulard described the honor he felt to take over Wimmer’s legacy at Park Dental.

He noted that the new management team quickly developed affection for Wimmer and is committed to ensuring Park Dental’s success. Bulard then discussed the Isaiah Lew Memorial Research Award.

The Isaiah Lew Memorial Research Award is presented by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry to an individual who has contributed significantly to research in implant dentistry.

Dr. Isaiah Lew, an implant pioneer and a founding member of the AAID, was committed to the “where, why and how of implant dentistry” and spent a lifetime conducting surgical and prosthetic clinical implant research. The award is given every year to perpetuate Lew’s spirit and enthusiasm for implant dentistry. Lew was a key collaborator with Park Dental, as reflected by the products bearing the Lew name, including the LEW MDI implant line.

Bulard then formally recognized Sendax for receiving the Isaiah Lew Memorial Research Award. Bulard reminisced about meeting Sendax at their common office building on 30 Central Park South in New York City and how their initial meeting and ongoing professional relationship changed the way Bulard viewed implantology. Bulard then invited “his good friend,” Sendax, to the podium for a few words.

Sendax spoke about his experiences with so many colleagues and collaborators of Park Dental Research, including one of his mentors, Lew.

After expounding upon the past successes of mini dental implants, Sendax said he envisioned a future where minimally invasive implantology could bring great gains in quality of life to patients around the world. He also said he believed strongly in the ability of Park Dental’s new management team to continue a legacy of bringing innovative dental implant technologies to market.

After the speeches concluded, guests continued to mingle and enjoy the diverse company, availing themselves of photo opportunities with the group of dental implant pioneers assembled.

(Source: Park Dental Research Corp.)


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